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  1. So what does this mean for Boost Mobile customers? How soon, if and when, should I expect to be able to access any "New T-Mobile" bands? 🤔
  2. I've seen 15x15 band 25 in places in Davenport and Moline where there is no band 41 coverage as well
  3. All my money is tied up right now, I'm in the process of moving... Once I get settled into my new place, I will make a donation to become a sponsor. Anything you can tell me in the meantime, with out violating board rules, would be great!!!
  4. Done and done... Speed test ran and I'm a happy camper!!! Sprint must have did a spectrum swap with SpeedConnect??!!
  5. Found B41 in Davenport, IA... As soon as I can find out how to post a screenshot I will post to see if this is legit!
  6. Just to update in the Quad cities area, at least on the Illinois side, most if not all sites are now 10x10 that I have came across.
  7. Yeah I found a few 10x10 sites that went live Wednesday. I was just saying I haven't seen any new activity since then.
  8. Nope nothing new in the QC as far as I know. Haven't really had a chance to go Dora the Explorer tho... will keep you guys updated if I see anything tho
  9. Yeah same here. I just happened to check my engineering screen, that was my first sighting. I found that in uptown Moline, downtown still is a 5x5 by the iWireless center. But that's still an improvement because it was 3g only up until a month or so ago.
  10. Something's definitely brewing in Quad City land. Service been in and out since 7ish. Plus I got this... Somebody make it make since
  11. What does this mean for those (me) who aren't engineers? Lol... I'm far from an engineer myself. But basically the spectrum swap with AT&T has been/is being completing and the EVDO channels have moved to the C block and we have a 10x10??? carrier now live in the Quad Cities
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