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  1. Upload speeds are still terrible. I don’t get why
  2. Glad to see Sprint improving, I switched to T Mobile and if the merger goes through it will be a beast of a network.
  3. In my apartment all carries are not great due to the thick brick walls. Not a big deal as I have WiFi of course/ WiFi calling.
  4. Everyone’s experience will differ just based on where they frequent. For me T Mobile has been better with speed and coverage by a lot.
  5. Well I switched to T-Mobile last month and do not regret it at all. Getting insane speeds. Hopefully the merger goes through and sprint and T-Mobile combine there assets to make a great network.
  6. Speeds have slowed down a lot in Sheapsheadbay area / Kings highway Brooklyn. (0.50kb/s...) Not sure whats going on. What really pisses me off is the terrible service I get while on above ground subway. I take the N or Q to Manhattan and its slow and cant watch much videos. T mobile was great when I did the test drive awhile back on the above ground subway. I think I will switch soon once my contract is up, Sprint is better now but its so damn inconsistent.
  7. About time... It used to be so bad in there.
  8. Can you send me the link to that thread? Im not seeing it.
  9. Yes true, but its just more convenient when I dont have to go and get a SIM.
  10. I actually have a 7 Plus now. It is unlocked for international but I want to have the same # while im over there.
  11. I'm going overseas (Russia), I have two options. Option 1) Use Sprint open world (not available anymore, I'm grandfathered in) = 3 cents per MB at 3G speeds which is $30/GB. OR Option 2) The current Sprint global roaming = free unlimited 2G speed but can purchase speed pass at up to 4G speeds. $25 for a week but limited to 100mb a day. I will be there for a month, I'm kind of torn on this, All opinions would be helpful.
  12. Rootametrics has 1st Quarter 2017 results up for a lot of markets and Sprint has improved in almost all of them. The NYC market is not up yet but I expect a big improvement.
  13. Pulling 60mbs down at 34rd st and 8th ave inside T-mobile store. T-mobile phone pulling in 7mb/s... these small cells are rocking Manhattan.
  14. I have a similar place on Kings highway in Brooklyn. I think its just congestion and will be fixed soon most likely. You came from verIzon am I correct? How are you finding Sprint overall compared to verizon?
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