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  1. I got a call a week ago. Applied the first day.
  2. I haven't heard anything either. Using Sprint Zone app to report network issues daily.
  3. Just put in my request for the magic box. Fingers crossed for approval. Detroit area. I've got WIFI but don't mind helping out the neighborhood.
  4. The new sprint zone app on iOS will only allow 5 network reporting issues per day. Glad to see some much needed progress in Detroit area !
  5. Picked up B41 in Dearborn today. Ford Road just east of Southfield Fwy. 21mbs download speed. So glad to have Cellular Info
  6. Just registered. Can't wait to get this on the next build! This is awesome!
  7. Everything Data 1500 3 iPhones 1 Galaxy Note with insurance 1 flip phone 1 Tablet 3gb plan Corporate Discount 26% Total: $300 / month Been with Sprint 12 years now. Don't plan on going anywhere seein how my nephew used 10 gigs so far this month. Everyone else less than 2 gigs.
  8. This is my market and every time I try to subscribe to this thread it doesn't happen. So I search for each time I want updates.
  9. You have to go into the field test screen by dialing *3001#12345#* then call. When then field test screen shows, power off your phone by hitting the home and power button simultaneously.
  10. I can relate. My 12 to nephew dropped his in the toilet a few weeks ago. Apple care really pays off. New phone for $50.
  11. I can't wait to get iOS 7. I like control center most, gestures and the ability to block messages and calls. Love the weather app and its animations and I think my fave is how it now looks 3D when you move the phone. And I love California. Lol
  12. I got one of these for my nephew. Its good for Facebook and you tube n web surfing but he didn't care much for it since be couldn't play minecraft. So his grandpa uses it now lol.
  13. I can relate. I started out with an ipad2. Which I won from work. Then my android phone died right when the 4S came out. So I picked up a 32 gig Black one. Then I got Apple TV. No cable here. Then an AirPort Extreme route. And finally three weeks ago a 13" MacBook Pro. (No Retina Display tho). So ya I'm in the ecosystem lol.
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