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  1. Mhmm lately my sprint iPhone has a new habit of dropping bars when its on standby and its annoying, I still receive calls but I hate seeing only 1 bar then all the sudden going to full bars. Anyways I managed to do a field test while on 1 bar signal. So yea what do these numbers mean Ty to those who answer I have somewhat an idea but I need the Pros! S4G pros! And
  2. So I just checked the NV Sites Complete and as January 28 almost all of them are 3G/4G except the one in front of my house which is still 3G Well I am a bit excited means my tower should get an upgrade soon right right? -- Chris
  3. Band 26 have no idea what that is D: I haven't been on the site for a while now. I need to catch up. Would Band 26 be referring to 800? -- Chris
  4. In my small area no upgrades for me atleast but outside like manhattan and some parts of the Bronx I have experienced better speeds. But since I have a 4S I can't see LTE so sucks for me. -- Chris
  5. It's cool and I do need a new phone but I am not sure what I want yet. I am still happy with the progress that Sprint has done, just not in my area, but I am always on Wi-Fi anyways. Thanks Dkoellerwx -- Chris
  6. Wow. Talk about excitement destroyed. Oh well better to hear the truth.. -- Chris
  7. I got so excited when I got the text from Sprint xD, I did a speed test but still slow as always. But still excited. Thanks Sprint!
  8. I am just a bit disappointing I been on this website since about July 2012. I hope that in 2 more years Sprint will become leaders in speed and capacity. It is about time Sprint regains its title as #1 again. Well I am glad your 3G service is amazing. -- Chris
  9. LOL, wow my 3G still crap! 0.14 Why am I being left out :/ But look at the bright side, my signal now ranges around -48 lol. Still I want speed. -- Chris
  10. Dude I been here with you since the beginning of this thread, yet still I haven't gotten the speeds you got. I am haappy to see you with fast speeds, I remember yours wasn't the best. I am still stuck on slow speeds. They have fixed the signal strength but that's about all. I used to range about 2 - 3 bars, now I am always at full even in the bathroom lol. -- Chris
  11. To check your band class on iPhone open up your Phone app and go to keypad, Dial the following Inside the parentheses (*3001#12345#*) this will open field test a special testing mode to check your signal etc. Hope this helps -- Chris
  12. Is it an error or a new PRL update, I used to be in the 30xxx range but now I got put into 60797? Mhmm I wonder what is the difference in this PRL update, one thing I can see is my signal is now at -54, it was around -60 before. It may just be an error or something. Speeds are still slow as always... SO anyone else on the 60797? or still on the 30xxx? Edit: This isn't a complain, I am just curious on the new PRL -- Chris
  13. Still slow 3G but my signal is amazing now. I just hope 3G picks up quickly. -- Chris
  14. If only that was true Well Sprint is picking up, I have more faith on Sprint than T-Mobiles network. -- Chris
  15. In my area around 1 AM my tower always goes down, like 2 weeks ago they fixed my signal strength and I get an amazing -55 dBm, speeds are still slow so every time 1AM comes around and I lose signal I wait and once its back on I start doing speed test lol. So random question which might actually be considered off topic and if so please ignore. How many years do you guys/gals have with Sprint? I just made my first year and I feel very proud that I remained loyal and mainly it was because of this site, it gave me hope. Sprint should pay Robert... -- Chris
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