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  1. Mhmm lately my sprint iPhone has a new habit of dropping bars when its on standby and its annoying, I still receive calls but I hate seeing only 1 bar then all the sudden going to full bars. Anyways I managed to do a field test while on 1 bar signal. So yea what do these numbers mean Ty to those who answer I have somewhat an idea but I need the Pros! S4G pros! And
  2. So I just checked the NV Sites Complete and as January 28 almost all of them are 3G/4G except the one in front of my house which is still 3G Well I am a bit excited means my tower should get an upgrade soon right right? -- Chris
  3. Band 26 have no idea what that is D: I haven't been on the site for a while now. I need to catch up. Would Band 26 be referring to 800? -- Chris
  4. In my small area no upgrades for me atleast but outside like manhattan and some parts of the Bronx I have experienced better speeds. But since I have a 4S I can't see LTE so sucks for me. -- Chris
  5. It's cool and I do need a new phone but I am not sure what I want yet. I am still happy with the progress that Sprint has done, just not in my area, but I am always on Wi-Fi anyways. Thanks Dkoellerwx -- Chris
  6. Wow. Talk about excitement destroyed. Oh well better to hear the truth.. -- Chris
  7. I got so excited when I got the text from Sprint xD, I did a speed test but still slow as always. But still excited. Thanks Sprint!
  8. I am just a bit disappointing I been on this website since about July 2012. I hope that in 2 more years Sprint will become leaders in speed and capacity. It is about time Sprint regains its title as #1 again. Well I am glad your 3G service is amazing. -- Chris
  9. LOL, wow my 3G still crap! 0.14 Why am I being left out :/ But look at the bright side, my signal now ranges around -48 lol. Still I want speed. -- Chris
  10. Dude I been here with you since the beginning of this thread, yet still I haven't gotten the speeds you got. I am haappy to see you with fast speeds, I remember yours wasn't the best. I am still stuck on slow speeds. They have fixed the signal strength but that's about all. I used to range about 2 - 3 bars, now I am always at full even in the bathroom lol. -- Chris
  11. To check your band class on iPhone open up your Phone app and go to keypad, Dial the following Inside the parentheses (*3001#12345#*) this will open field test a special testing mode to check your signal etc. Hope this helps -- Chris
  12. Is it an error or a new PRL update, I used to be in the 30xxx range but now I got put into 60797? Mhmm I wonder what is the difference in this PRL update, one thing I can see is my signal is now at -54, it was around -60 before. It may just be an error or something. Speeds are still slow as always... SO anyone else on the 60797? or still on the 30xxx? Edit: This isn't a complain, I am just curious on the new PRL -- Chris
  13. Still slow 3G but my signal is amazing now. I just hope 3G picks up quickly. -- Chris
  14. If only that was true Well Sprint is picking up, I have more faith on Sprint than T-Mobiles network. -- Chris
  15. In my area around 1 AM my tower always goes down, like 2 weeks ago they fixed my signal strength and I get an amazing -55 dBm, speeds are still slow so every time 1AM comes around and I lose signal I wait and once its back on I start doing speed test lol. So random question which might actually be considered off topic and if so please ignore. How many years do you guys/gals have with Sprint? I just made my first year and I feel very proud that I remained loyal and mainly it was because of this site, it gave me hope. Sprint should pay Robert... -- Chris
  16. Saying that its "seriously picking up" does not do it justice, I would say that it has the need for speed LOL. Wow have we came so far, it feels like it was yesterday that Sprint was that slow crappy network, I am proud to be a Sprint customer and I hope they can bring this to everyplace ASAP. -- Chris
  17. This is awesome! I can't o believe xD how my signal in house went from -80 - 100 to -54 - 60 WOW!!! Speeds are still slow but they are still working I suppose. Awesome! -- Chris
  18. Well I remember my iPhone kept changing signal strength going into roaming and out of roaming, maybe this PLR fixes all this. I have no complaints thus far. My iPhone and Sprint service is amazing. I still believe once Sprint fixes all the tower we will be getting a huge migration of people from ATT and Verizon no doubt about it. -- Chris
  19. Does anyone know if Sprint updated there PRL recently? I am in NYC iPhone 4S and I have a PRL of 4394 it used to be a different number that I am sure of. -- Chris
  20. I would assume this is the appropriate forum to post this. What is the number you dial that tells you what service you are on? For example when you dial this number it would tell you welcome to Verizon or Sprint. Thanks to anyone who answers. I want to see if I am roaming or not. -- Chris
  21. Wow so right now my signal is -57 in my house, it's usually around -80 through -101 range. This time I placed a phone call and it worked because last time it was this good I couldn't make calls. Even if this is temp like all the time I at least know my tower is still being worked on and it is going to be awesome! -- Chris
  22. Yea that's probably what it is,but it happened a few weeks ago and its been like that since last night so if they are working on it I wonder why they keeping people with no service for this long. I am all for it, I rather they keep it down and work on it. -- Chris
  23. Here's an update on my issue, I was out and my 3G speeds and calls where great! but as soon as I get back to woodstock it starts acting all crazy, I turned on roaming and when I make it call it goes to extended and it allows me to call so it ain't all that bad. -- Chris
  24. I know what your saying but every time I call Sprint they do not help fix the issue, I will wait it out. Yes I Have done all those and still no fix. -- Chris
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