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  1. How is VoLTE different than what I have under Calling Plus on my S9 Plus?
  2. That's why I'm confused. The order said Gen 2 (CPO was in the description so thinking it is Certified Pre Owned?) but my Sprint Account says Gen 3. I checked in the box and it says AU544, so I want to say it's a Gen 2.
  3. My device on my account says Airspan Magic Box Gen 3, does that mean I received a Gen 3? I ordered it on Sunday 9/16/18 and received it today 9/19/18 but my wife won't let me open it until the weekend. The label has the AU545/U545 numbers on the cardboard box which I found it saying that it is Gen 2. Is the Gen 3 the only one with 2 USB ports for charging other devices?
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