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  1. After being with Sprint for NV 1 and 2...I switched to project Fi. I might end up switching to T-Mobile entirely for a family plan with the wife All around Jacksonville, T-Mobile is rock solid. I10 not so much outside the city Sprint hasn't been bad but lots of speed tests at 1mbps while T-Mobile has always been 15+. Just my experience Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  2. They both count hangouts data.Project Fi is unlimited calls through phone app, however the hangouts dialer will count against your data (it's a data stream) Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  3. So I just bought a house and the neighbor has an airave...my phone marginally connects to it, then to the 3g/lte nearby. End result is really bad battery. Went there this weekend and battery stats where 25% cell signal searching. So going to have to install my own airave What's the status on airave and whitelist/blacklist? Was that ever fixed? Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  4. Hd Working on a nexus 6 to 5 from Florida to Connecticut. Could tell when hebputnit on speaker phone, big difference Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  5. So does anyone know what's the advantage of Google Fi vs Sprint integration? Seems as long as Sprint has better coverage than T-Mobile, then with Sprint integration you still get call/text from any hangouts device...
  6. awesome, thanks so much, I think that must be the change. I'll leave google messenger installed for group mms. MMS seems to be working over googlevoice integration to my GF (Verizon iphone). Shows up on my tablet, pc etc...awesome Thanks!!!
  7. awesome, working good so far. One thing though. Under hangouts settings-->SMS-->"Default SMS Messaging Account" did you set it to SMS or to your google email? When set to SMS it shows all my old texts, but don't want issues
  8. One more thing, does it work with group mms?? Thanks
  9. Hey thanks so much, I'll integrate and check it out!!
  10. Hey so is gvoice and sprint integration fixed? Does it still send a million text messages over and over again? Does it still work when your sprint number is your google voice number and you integrate into hangouts? (I read it works when you integrate with your google number replacing sprint and integrate into hangouts)
  11. I just deintegrated. I was having bad voice issues. And for some reason, HD Voice wasnt working when talking to my father. A shame, really like texting from my tablet integrated with hangouts It was working well with texting, as I set textra as default on phone, and disabled sms on phone hangouts (texts sent go over data but come to hangouts) MMS sent to my phone appeared in textra Anyone get integration with hangouts replacing GV app to work well?
  12. Yes exact same site and bands monitored using signal check pro Very strange Same result at the tower by my home
  13. Hey everyone,I'm running android l the developer 2 with lpx13d (new radio) and I'm getting speed tests of ~.30mbps. When I flash the old .15 radio, I get 4-5mbps. Does anyone know what's going on? This is on both lte800 and LTE Thanks
  14. I just integrated as i want to text from my tablet and work pc. (sprint # as GV#) initially had the double text on my side but single text on receiving end. Set the reply option to google voice, logged out of google voice app, and set the incoming call option in hangouts to unchecked. Everything seems to work great, no duplicates, and mms sends a link now, but i can live with that.
  15. I would love that. 4.4.4 radio drops to 3g in areas where I have lte on. 15. ~110dbmI walk into my office on . 15 and I'll have lte but not on 4.4.4 Scan time going back to lte in the conference room takes a while on 4.4.4
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