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  1. More perspective. Before, I was catching 95-103 dBm. Now I'm catching 73-80 dbm. I'm sitting here watching my network type switch between eHRPD and something called 1xRTT:6. I don't know what's going on, but it's making me very excited..
  2. I'm near Chicago State University. CH03XC175 and CH03XC188 are my closest towers.
  3. When I went to sleep, my signal was absolutely atrocious..the worst that it had ever been in my house. I woke up, and now I have almost full bars (it's never been like that here) with 3g going in and out at the moment. The signal has drastically improved, though. Could this be a sign that they are working on a tower in the area, and it's near completion?
  4. On the red line by Chinatown. Pretty decent..seeing 4g all over the place..grateful to be living here...lol.
  5. Thanks to you both! And I agree, Chicago is getting some GREAT things.
  6. What's going on, guys? I decided to join this site because it seems like a great community, and I'm a brand new Sprint user. If it weren't for me coming across these forums and becoming informed about all the greatness that Sprint has in store for this city, I would've went with ATT, so I thank everyone who contributes, and Robert for helping everyone. Will be chatting with you guys soon, and reporting on my personal experiences.
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