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  1. I know people are celebrating in Madison, but is this is as good as we are going to get? The coverage on the isthmus is still terrible, which is a shame since that's where most people are...
  2. This was walking to my car outside UW hospital. Look at those speeds!
  3. These were from today. The first was on my way to parking lot outside UW Hospital. The second was at West Towne Mall. The third was in Middleton Hills. Looks like Madison is online.
  4. This was on my walk to the parking lot after work outside UW hospital.
  5. This is the speed test from Camp Randall during the game. The LTE was spotty and in and out. I would have expected higher speeds, but I imagine it was slow due to the number of people at the stadium.
  6. I'm at Camp Randall at the game and have LTE. Actually functional. It goes in and out, but it's a lot more than I thought I would get.
  7. Can some explain to a novice, what all these screenshots mean and why everyone is so excited? I see a bunch with no LTE listed. What am I missing?
  8. After thinking about it, I don't want to leave iOS. I don't want to give up iMessage. I've got a 32GB black version being delivered on Monday and a SIM coming on Tuesday. I'd be willing to part with them at my cost to a forum member if anyone is interested. If this is not an appropriate post, please delete, mods.
  9. I'm sorry if this sounds stupid, but I'm going to buy a new ipad, and I'm trying to figure out which carrier to buy it on. I live in Middleton. If I check out Sensorly, it shows LTE coverage where I live, but I don't have a 4G phone to verify it. Is there actually 4G service active in some places. I know Madison is not an official market, but I can't tell from these posts if there is functioning LTE anywhere in the area. On another note. Which ipad should I get. Sprint has the best data price at 2GB for 15 bucks, but....
  10. I ordered one from the chat session. They said it will arrive Tuesday. I'm tempted to try and get a SIM for t mobile as well and compare services...
  11. How do you know if a store is a corporate store vs another type?
  12. 1:19 pm CDT, but I got the 32 GB black, which I think was the least popular. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  13. Mine was listed as a Nov 5th ship... Sorry...
  14. I don't carry a lot of music, but one of the big benefits of a smartphone is the camera. I like keeping my pictures on there and I reference them frequently. Photos share taking up more space and apps are getting bigger. And the cloud requires an always reliable data connection, which since you are on sprint, I know you don't have. I realize my preferences don't match everyone's, but I'm not a power user at all and I always bump up memory, I'd rather have it now and not wish I did when I'm constantly deleting stuff in a year.
  15. And it appears person doesn't even have a guaranteed order. I've been having second thoughts about leaving the iOS world. I've got one of these that's already listed as shipped. Maybe I should throw that on ebay when it arrives. I was going to try it out and sell it if I don't want it, but at these prices, maybe I should sell it sealed...
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