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  1. @LainieBrunetto This is the epitome of first world problems.

  2. @RobDemovsky It was nice having you Mike. This is the nail in the coffin.

  3. RT @blakehounshell: This is just a ripple compared to the wave that's about to hit Capitol Hill https://t.co/A9cLgxvbWp

  4. Yes you are correct about the holdings. However, I don't have the specific date but the C block of 30mhz total was leased to AT&T. I will have to check the spectrum dashboard if the lease expired and has since returned to sprint. Edit. Obviously something has occurred as the picture posted is in the C block. Also Band 25 G block is deployed down there so it could be that a sliver of the C block has been returned and subsequently the G block has been expanded.
  5. RT @lt4kicks: Martellus Bennett’s shoulder injury is related to a broken collar bone suffered by another player, a first in modern day medi…

  6. No stilll on same 30.0. Drops to 3g all the time.
  7. RT @OldTakesExposed: LIFE/FAST #Packers (THX @jonvillanueva_!) https://t.co/qHEGmVfWn1

  8. Ok I did ##update# to see if I could get an update.
  9. could be that ABQ is still really bad. Band 26 is everywhere but the X doesn't want to hold on to it. It drops to 3G all the time.
  10. Now I agree with you. However if they just put 25, 26 and 41 on as many towers as possible and make a good to great experience ubiquitous, they should be just fine.
  11. I have decided the X has the radio of the iphone 5. terrible. Part of me wants to go back to my 7+. Need a carrier update right away. I am on 30.0.
  12. RT @haha_cd6: Once again all you can do is pray.

  13. So far I love the X. I do like that it is smaller than my 7+. Still hate iOS 11 update. Took me all two seconds to get used to no home button. Really easy.
  14. RT @USATODAY: Here’s how this renter would fare under the tax proposal. https://t.co/ghTA4s4IWZ

  15. @LainieBrunetto I should start a #AskaCPA

  16. RT @LeBatard_Reddit: Photo of @LeBatardShow, Riley and other inductees from last night's Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Sports Hall of C…

  17. I quit the website and went Best Buy. Ill bite the $30 activation fee. I am trading in a 6 so the sprint flex is a nice option at $22 for 18 months. Don't mind paying $41 for 6 months.
  18. Are the canes back after that touchdown? @MichaelRyanRuiz

  19. RT @LeBatardShow: Thanks to the fans, @BillyGil had to eat an entire onion for the #GridOfDeath. One thing led to another and.. well, have…

  20. @bwoodward11 @RomanMartine_z Too soon?

  21. @adamcoffing @balloonfiesta Did it last year and won’t do it again.

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