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  1. @flodomflo Hate it so much.

  2. RT @jnsanchez: Bob Costas NAILED this. Patriotism comes in many forms, but it's been conflated w/ bumper sticker flag waving & "military on…

  3. @Dustin_Woodward It was really disgusting to see someone act without love and compassion but just in judgement.

  4. @LainieBrunetto @DIRECTV That's been a while. At least a couple months

  5. I don't have my NM spreadsheet but I'm positive it's LC. Only one B25 carrier is possible. Sprint does have 140 MHz of EBS/ERS there.
  6. The site at the NM Bank and Trust is a 8T8R but is not running CA. I get between 5 to 10 Mbs. If I am connected to Band 25 with CA, I can reach 40 to 50. However, downtown I believe Sprint wants everyone on Band 41. I think the site they connected to is either I40 and 12th or the Hotel Albuquerque sites which are Mini Macros that have CA enabled. I have seen speeds that high when connected to those.
  7. I work downtown in the Sunshine Building and definitely don't get those speeds. However, with band 25 CA and 2 carriers of band 41, phone is useable all day no issue.
  8. Downtown has made band 25 and 26 useable again during working hours. This weeekend I was at CPK in uptown and I pulled 100mbs speed test. I am sure that extra capacity is helping that area.
  9. I don't ravel down there much anymore but have picked up the 8t8r and the multiple MM on the north side of town. That Earfcn you posted earlier is also at all the B41 sites o have been to as well.
  10. In Arizona Commnet has band 17 I have been connected to. On the iPhone it shows extended LTE and then switches to sprint LTE.
  11. I disagree. When you are outside of the condensed population centers (uptown, downtown, Jefferson area), speeds were quite fine. I would experience speeds 10 to 20 mbps. With additional band 25 to the already band 25 and 26, speeds have really gone up. I found that there testing was somewhat skewed as they wanted to know how at the airport and other places. Those places that had poor performance have band 25 CA and Band 41 (w or w/o CA).
  12. I also like the mixture of band 41 8t8rs and mini macros. From my observation, busy locations are getting 8t8r and rural/neighborhood are getting mini macros. There is a mini macro on the Candelaria and San Pedro location.
  13. Yes it was. I was able to hit 50 to 55 mbps down at the Uptown site last week. There are quite a few sites around town that have the two panels are able to do B25 CA that I have found.
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