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  1. Dish would be required to offer cellphone service to consumers. It would pay $1.4 billion for Sprint’s customer accounts, most of which come from its Boost Mobile prepaid brand, and $3.6 billion three years later to buy Sprint spectrum licenses in the 800 megahertz range, these people said. https://www.wsj.com/amp/articles/u-s-poised-to-approve-merger-of-t-mobile-sprint-11563967640
  2. Thats my best guess. It is pretty pathetic. Only B26 and two B25 carriers are keeping it going. Speeds are good b/c I think plenty of people have left which makes everything better. As I noted earlier, I picked up my first B41 signal north of Paseo on Wyoming this past week. I was sitting outside of starbucks with RSRP of 125 and pulled 50mbs. There are two monopole locations along Paseo and those do not have updated tri-panels. I can't seem to find where I picked up that signal.
  3. I believe this is the case. Most towers they are the same space. I can only count 5 or 6 in NE Heights where they are not. I am sure there are more though. Most of the ones I can think of are monopole.
  4. I would say all towers have received NV update. However, I would say less than 25% of towers have B41. I have found only 4 8t8r. The rest are all mini macros. I can now confirm downtown has been updated to 8t8r as I could only aggregate one additional B41 carrier. It now has 3 and basically all times of day I am greater than 100mbs.
  5. One thing I’ve noticed since they turned on volte is upped backhaul. Downtown is where I work and the lone b41 tower was always swampped. However, midday now I pull greater than 100mbs. Sometimes 130. I would say they fixed some issues that I had. I also live in far NE Heights ans they have updated a tower to b41. I can’t find it but at my house I have Rsrp greater than 110 and still get 50 to 80 Mbs. I’m hoping the next 6 months this spreads more.
  6. Well I think VoLTE was just launched in ABQ. I was on band 26 and got a call. I took it and then placed my phone on speaker. I looked and it said LTE still. I will try again and get pictures.
  7. This is what I was wondering. My box runs on a single b25 carrier and pretty much doubles what we get at our house. It is a great fall back just in case.
  8. No I’m ABQ. I haven’t seen any new LTE carriers, volte, or anything. Service has suffered as a result.
  9. Honestly depends on how they file bankruptcy. Option 1 smaller carrier purchases it Option 2 customers will be divested in markets to potential buyers to pay debt. I say this as DOJ antitrust or FCC says no, Tmo would still be able to buy assets and or customers but only in certain markets. I could also see the spectrum is sold Who knows really.
  10. From a GAAP prospective, there would have to be an asset on the balance sheet that would have to be amortized if that is the case. As redspark said, something will show up on the BS.
  11. Driving yesterday and I noticed a tower with sprint and Tmo was being upgraded. Stopped and asked. Crew was one of several crews installing Band 71. It was pretty neat. The equipment is dual 12/17 and 71. Longer than me. Huge. Well they said all of Albuquerque will be completed by Jan 1 when clear date for stations for band 71.
  12. I would normally agree with you but that happened over a year ago with the second band 25 carrier. Ill do do some tests today to see what is on 1x and 3g.
  13. One wierd thing I saw was that Sprint took a hit in Call Performance. Interesting. I have not noticed this. Perhaps I missed a Calling Plus or VoLTE.
  14. This is due to band 41 available about 30 to 40% of the places I go now. I consistently get 100mb at Whole Foods. Its crazy. In some places, I think I have found higher QAM. I have an iphone so I can't completely confirm. Just does not make sense on the speeds that i have seen. This has been seen in my MB as well. I am consistently getting 30 to 40mb from my MB now when I first got it I was getting 5 to 10. This is now faster than my centurylink 40 package (highest I can get for my neighborhood, comcast just got 100). Finally, all of the GMO's have been completed and are doing band 25, so my assumption the rating increased as loss of LTE has significantly gone done in my experiences. The biggest change is my wife does not complain about service. She face times a lot and it is a constant connection now as well as her web-browing use is consistent every time. I would have probably rated Sprint higher than the figures show but those are my real world experience.
  15. That is bc El Paso got the MM at least two years ago. Las Cruces didn’t have B41 when I was there last summer. So in less than a year.
  16. Main issue has been radio. Compared to my iphone 7 Plus, it is like converting back to an iphone 5. The front glass also seems very susceptible to scratching. Compared to my 7+ which is a year older, I have much more scratches on the X than the 7+.
  17. AFter my issues with the X, I think I am done with the iphone.
  18. I would love to hear some information on how the Tmo native roaming will occur and how it will be completed. I assume I won't have service for example in town but on fringe areas will I get bumped to Tmo?
  19. One of the inprovements said it was improving syncing mail
  20. The models are defined specifically by SIM. The SIM activates the different bands or uses (i.e., CDMA for Sprint or VoLTE for Tmo).
  21. The iPhone X only has one model. With sim, different features and turned on and off. Therefore I think this next gen will be just fine as I assume Tmo will provide updated sims or firmware will be pushed to Sprint people for VoLTE and vice versa to Tmo people to acces B41.
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