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  1. No carrier aggregation for band 13 in the case of Puerto Rico. What about ca with Tmobile bands..if the merger.....
  2. Sprint in Mayaguez urban area is so much better now...but if you move to the rural area from Mayaguez to Las Marias or from Mayaguez to Maricao most people use road 106( from km 4 to km 13) the problem is b25 is so weak no b13 nor b41 there...even Tmobile with b4 b66 or b2 no b71 there you cant open a video if you are in the house nor answer a call. What i see competitors use a tower in Rio Canas from the west side and two towers that are in road 349 moving from downtown mayaguez through bella vista hospital from the east side to cover that important area .In those two tower in road 3
  3. So if it is a lock Sprint phone and and i put a tmobile sim it will work ? With the tmobile sim b41 work?
  4. Lte carrier agregation only in b41 .B25 is so weak that its better to disable in order the phone sees b13 or b66.and b71 now with this roaming agreement
  5. Anybody knows if Sprint galaxy s9 or s9+ have b71..? because i went to a sprint store and checked it didnt
  6. Well just to let you know Tmobile just started a furious deployment of band 71 in the island , with 10mhz of bw from the total of 50mhz they bought for this market.seems the are planning to use the rest for 5g
  7. New upgrades at mayaguez howard johnson Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J727A using Tapatalk
  8. Just to let you know . Att is using three band ca 15 mhz in band 2 10 mhz in band 30 and 5 mhz in band 12, in some parts they use 10 mhz of band 4 .Claro started using 3ca with two channels of 10 mhz in band 66 and 10 mhz in band 12 these days , they were just 10 mhz of band 4 until now.T mobile was using just 20 mhz in band 4 now with 5mhz in band 2 added and Sprint as you know uses ca where they have band 41, 5 mhz in band 25 in most parts and band 13 Openmobile coverage
  9. Mendez vigo street close to the viaduct Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J727A using Tapatalk
  10. It seems they finished.. they replace three small panels. Now there are six bigger panels
  11. Well finally i saw a crew working close to the viaduct in Mayaguez last week , they were changing the panels . Thats a start..!!
  12. You have nice speeds at plaza colon the only place with b41 in mayaguez but still a lot places without this band and b13.. and i guess the mayority of sprint customers dont have a phone with b13 so thats the thing
  13. Band 13 has a 10 mhz bw while band 25 is 5 mhz, phones should prioritize band 13 .In places like the mall where both frecuency have the same strenght that is not the case
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