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  1. Are they still working on towers in this area or have they stopped for the winter? It seems an 80 mile stretch of I-39 only has one 4g tower done back in June. Ever since that one tower lit up the one south of it has had problems as I only get 1x now for the last six months. I thought at first they were just working on the tower and it would be upgraded soon but no progress in months has me wondering am I stuck with 1x until next summer. I would be happy if I just had good 3g back.
  2. Any word on Springfield, MO? Just wondering if it's days, weeks, or months away from being upgraded.
  3. Doesn't Sprint block the use of Airave if you are outside of the Sprint service area that they can legally operate in? I though that and 911 was the main reason for the gps. Since it has an internet lock and a gps lock just seems you are locked out of service. I thought I remembered something about a cutoff line where it will and will not work.
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note II with Sprint 4G LTE Available Oct. 25 for $299.99
  5. I am in the same boat here with a string of Nextel only towers near by. To make matters worse years ago I ported my landline to Nextel and now Sprint will not port to Sprint because they have no Sprint service in that area, but they let me have an airave. I do not know what to do with the ported number that I have had for 25 years when they shut down Nextel and will not port to Sprint. That phone is one of 5 lines, 4 Sprint and 1 Nextel. Anyone have any ideas? Sprint just says can’t help you but we can give you a new Sprint number.
  6. Unless I have things mixed up I don't think you will be able to use straight LTE until they come out with VoLTE, for now we still need CDMA for voice. That's why the choice is CDMA/LTE or CDMA
  7. Got one Friday, good so far, but time will tell. No LTE here for many months.
  8. Wow 2 days and sold out online, I bet the stores will sell out quickly also then they will be back ordered for weeks.
  9. There is a small carrier that sprung up after the Verizon/Alltel take over called Element Mobile in central Wisconsin. I was told that Verizon can’t sell service in this area and Element already has some kind of connection with Sprint using Sprint towers and I think some of the old Alltel towers.
  10. I wonder if the newly gained areas would be considered roaming or not? Although I never go over 2GB per month on my data card I do have problems with the 300MB cap on roaming and with LTE you could blow through that quickly.
  11. I might be interested if it was $20 per line since I have 5 phones and 1 data card that would be $120 per month or $1440 per year off my bill. I usually upgrade about 2 devices per year so I think I would save a few hundred per year.
  12. Does anyone know if this unit has a removable antenna so I could split the output to both sides of a steel wall?
  13. Anyone have any idea if they are going to fix this Admiral defect or am I stuck having to reboot my phone several times a day for two years. I did try toggling airplane mode once but did not turn SDC back on only reboot seems to fix
  14. We have a couple of the new Admirals since they were released in Oct. They work nice if you never loose sprint coverage. Once you roam SDC will not work anymore even after returning to sprint coverage. You have to reboot phone to use SDC again. Sprint did not plan this very well. Even though Nextel had limited coverage at least when you got back to a Nextel area you could use SDC without having to reboot all the time. The phones are nice but can only make use of DC about 60% as much as with the old Nextel phones we had. A new PRL helped a little so sometimes SDC will return after a few minutes but still need a lot of reboots. I tried waiting over night and still no SDC
  15. I live in an area of central Wisconsin that only has Nextel towers near by and no Sprint towers, any idea what they would plan to do here. I hope they will just become Sprint NV towers. I have one old Nextel phone with a number locked to the Nextel market and the map says these towers are up for review in April.
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