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  1. I can't say I see this happening. Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk
  2. The writing was already on the wall as Sprint began "aligning their business practices with [their] competition." Many may refuse to admit it, but those who have been with Sprint at least two years had to know/knew data caps were coming. Hesse said it himself; it was just that he nor anyone else knew when it would happen. That being said, I can't see Sprint imposing data caps at the consumer level until after LTE is fully deployed. The inconsistent level of service won't allow it. As it is, their small LTE footprint has consumers chomping at the bit for better 3G speeds where not covered by LTE. Add to that the $10/mo "premium" fee and nominally better pricing than Verizon (at least in the DC metro area), dwindling list of features that separate them from the VZN/ATT, etc, Sprint may as well toss in the towel as subscribers will flock to [perceptually] better alternatives.
  3. Dumb people...just the way politicians like 'em. A bit of Fahrenheit 451, anyone? Fortunately, I'm on the east coast...an area with people marginally less dumb and very dependant on their phones, but overly impatient with the LTE rollout.
  4. I was booking it into DC yesterday and picked up LTE on 267 between Herndon and Reston. I just happened to notice because I was checking traffic patterns in Navigation. Oddly enough, my Evo 4G LTE (still running GB) switched between 3G, LTE, and back to 3G smoothly and without hesitation. Meanwhile, in DC, I've yet to pick up even a hint of LTE and constantly rocking the Airplane mode toggle. I _love_ DC. /s
  5. Wow! Next time I visit my folks in Edinburg, I may actually see a Sprint 4g signal. I went there last year and of course got awesome [sic] 3g speed on my Evo 3D. Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk 2
  6. Sprint is releasing tin cans and string. Must mean 5G is coming.
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