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  1. I already addressed the hard reset and explained above why I have been apprehensive to perform one. Just as you said everybody has a different experience. Don't let my ranting fool you however, I have been and still am a huge fan of the EVO, that's why I got the LTE over the SIII. I don't regret it, I'm really more irritated that the bugs I've been experiencing seem directly related to the update to JB and seem to be having an increasingly negative impact on the operations of my device. I am a novice at best and often have to solicit the assistance of those more talented than myself when performing tasks such as a hard reset. I am not stupid, I know how to reset the phone and have already backed up everything, the unforeseen is what concerns me. I had several issues with the IT department at work setting up my email to begin with and had similar issues on a few other items that I regularly use my phone for. I don't like to be a burden on others when I can help it and having to do a factory reset does present some uncertainty on my part. I would like to think that I could have everything back the way it was within an hour or two of the reset but I know there are no guarantees Another issue which I have picked up on that I'm fairly sure a reset will not fix as it is a specific issue with JB is the compression of screenshots (maybe images in general?) when attaching to a text msg. I haven't had a lot of time to peruse the rest of the forum to see if anyone else has brought this up yet, but am I correct that this is an issue with JB? The images are rendered unviewable to the recipient after they are compressed for the text, this was not an issue prior to the update. Any thoughts there? Fyi, I am in the process of resetting the phone now. If I end up jumping out a window you'll know the reset was a complete failure ;-) I don't usually say much on this forum and I don't want you to think that all I do is complain, I may have given you the wrong impression initially, I am probably just more agitated at the overall inconvenience the situation is presenting and was probably overly optimistic in thinking I might get more sympathy than open resentment as presented in your response.
  2. Lots of bugs, battery life SUCKS now, after reading some of the comment threads on Sprint looks like it has something to do with the IR sensor which is driving me NUTS! The phone goes blank the minute I place a call now, the only way it wakes up is by pressing the power button, this is beyond annoying having to do this every time I want to end a call or even see if the phone is dialing out. Sometimes it works like it is supposed to (go black when held up to your face) but most of the time it doesn't function properly. I placed my phone bedside last night with 44% battery life left. Should have drained about 9% over the next 6-7hrs while idling, wrong. It died. This was my first legit test as I suspected a problem last week but hadn't had time to really measure the battery performance just yet. I have gotten almost 1.5 days use out of my battery prior to JB with moderate to light use, the battery went from 100%-43% this evening in less than 3.5hrs with almost no use (probably was on FB for maybe 10 mins total, no other use and I was in one location the entire time with a good signal) Other problems I've experienced include non-responsive screen about 4 times since I update in late December, couple of random shut-offs (phone literally just powered down and back up without me initiating it). There are some other random minor things to I know I've experienced but can't recall right now. I'm about a step away from factory reset or taking it back to Sprint for one with ICS. Any advice? I am LOATHE to to a reset as I have my work email, personal calendar, self-employed business email, at least a dozen apps I use regularly that require some set-up. I am hesitant because some of these things took quite a bit of work to set up initially and I really don't want to rehash them again. I loved my phone prior to JB, glad I told my wife not to upgrade her EVO to JB yet. She probably would have killed me just because of the inconvenience. Just thought of another issue, some of the ringtones I had set would not work even though they were set correctly. This eventually randomly resolved itself about 4 days after the update. As I am typing this my phone has been on battery for exactly 6hrs now and is at 26%. I've barely used it. One of the apps it says was responsible for using 24% of the battery wasn't even running since I unplugged it, wtf? I went to force stop but it wasn't running even though the battery usage indicates it has been.
  3. Thanks, hoping to see some more NV upgrades on the NW area of the Indianapolis market soon, I thought there would have been at least 1 more tower upgraded in this area prior to launch, still pretty sparse at this point. Good coverage over the Carmel area though.
  4. Yes! I didn't see it the first time, also, the google voice input option showed up for me. When I looked last night after the update it wasn't available to be selected yet. Kind of a hassle though, you would have to open a text box up, then drag down the top bar to change the input method, but, it does default back to the swype keyboard then.
  5. Also noticed that the voice-to-text option is now gone from both the stock and Swype keyboards. Anyone else notice this? Anyway to get it back?
  6. Getting the update now, interested in hearing from the rest of you about your lte connection after the update. Tempted to get in the car tonight and drive around to see how far i can go with the signal now. I was frustrated earlier this evening on the east side of Indy when i couldn't get an lte connection, but when i looked at the sensorly map clearly others had gotten lte connections right where i was at. Arrrggg....
  7. I downloaded the 4g switch app today and while in lte/cdma mode was able to keep my lte signal longer than usual i think.
  8. We've (wife and I) had our Evo LTE's for several months now and for the most part have been pretty happy. We've had a couple of issues but I wasn't sure if they were specifically related to the phones or not. She has called me a few times toward the evening hours and not been able to get through, just goes to voicemail and I never show a missed call in these instances. Has happened about 3 or 4 times the last month now. I've been able to connect to the LTE service in Indianapolis pretty easily too it seems and so far I haven't had any performance issues with the phone. I will note though that my screen died about a month ago. Seemed very odd and random. Took it to sprint and it was good to go the next day for $37. (no insurance) I'm definitely not an expert of any sort but I do try and keep up on the information on here. We chose the Evo over the S3 primarily based on the impression we had from owning the original Evo. We were impressed then but just simply outgrew the phones capabilities at the time. The Evo seemed to be better built than the S3 (we liked the weight and the solid feeling of the phone). Not really a technical preference obviously but more based on instinct. Spec wise the differences seemed irrelevant to us, we couldn't see needing 2gb ram over the 1gb and the battery and screen sized were not that far apart either. Just my two cents...
  9. Looks like they have announced plans. http://tinyurl.com/cykmxm8
  10. It's awesome baby! Got LTE at home now on NW side of Indy
  11. Where at downtown? I'm in the north government center on the 7th floor, Ohio/Senate. I've tried a few times this week but have been unsuccessful so far.
  12. I was near Washington/Mitthoeffer area. I ran sensorly the entire time. I saw where a new LTE bubble popped up south of the intersection Across from Morningstar Golf Course, it is in the Condo subdivision on Legends Creek Way. That was me last night, but the signal was lost when I left the condo and headed north a 1/4 mile to Washington St again, I toggle in and out of airplane mode and picked up the LTE signal again and maintained it for the next hour while I was in McAllister's Deli.
  13. Indianapolis on the east side. Coverage was ok, still spotty. I was able to retain LTE coverage all through dinner even sitting at the back of the restaurant.
  14. I have the EVO LTE and have not been able to pick up an LTE signal just yet. I live on the NW side (Zionsville/Carmel/Eagle Creek area) but frequent the east side a few times a week as well while passing through Castleton (NE side). I attempted to run sensorly while driving through those areas but was not yet able to get my phone to switch to the LTE signals. I plan on heading that way again in a day or two and will make a more concerted effort (actually stopping near the towers) at getting the LTE signal.
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