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  1. My Evo LTE does not get 3G without having the upper back cover of the phone off. How does that work?
  2. One of my two contracts are about to end November 6 and the other in May. I have three options and am having a really hard time deciding on the best decision so I decided to ask my S4GRU brethren for advice. Option 1 is to just keep my EVO 4G LTE until next year when all of the new April-June phones arrive but I don't like this option because the terrible LTE reception and the fact that Sprints LTE roll out is going a little slow for my tastes. Option 2 would be "if" the Nexus 5 has Tri-band LTE I could sell my Evo for 150 if I'm lucky and pony up the rest of the money while not having to renew my contracts so if I get tired of waiting for Sprints network to come to life I can jump ship to T-mobiles pre paid $70 plan and test there network to see if its better than Sprint's network all while not taking a financial hit or I can keep the Nexus 5 as my tri band Sprint device until next years phones come out and keep both phones. Option 3 is if I get the G2 on best buy pre order for $100 with the $50 gift card which I will use to buy the quick case. I will also get the benefit of getting to keep my Evo LTE so another 2 phone benefit option is nice. Any suggestions
  3. Today PRL 51095 was pushed to iPhone 5 on Sprint. Anyone with a LTE world phone also get the same PRL file? Not sure what is different yet. If I knew how to extract the PRL from my phone I would gladly send the file to digiblur for analysis.
  4. How many entries are in your LTE availabe file? Is there a limit? I have 999!
  5. Full Jelly Bean RUU update to 3.15.651.16 now available for HTC EVO 4G LTE http://www.pocketables.com/2012/12/full-jelly-bean-ruu-update-to-3-15-651-16-now-available-for-htc-evo-4g-lte.html
  6. According to an article on bgr.com the evo lte is not one of the top smartphones that Sprint sales in 2012. 1. S3 2. Iphone5 3. LG Optumus G 4. Note II 5. Nexus http://bgr.com/2012/12/06/best-smartphones-of-2012-sprint/
  7. Here is a list of what the author says are bugs in Jelly Bean on the EVO LTE. "most of the issues have been Sprint’s." "There are rumors coming up from the stores than an update is coming soon to fix many of the bugs, but as far as I know there’s no official timeframe on that and that leaves many non-root users out for weeks with buggy equipment" http://www.pocketabl...evo-4g-lte.html
  8. Merry Christmas Everyone! Leaked Sprint playbook images show Jellybeans starts in a few hours.
  9. Google released 4.2.1 to fix bugs. Wonder what version will be released for EVO LTE? http://bgr.com/2012/11/27/android-4-2-1-update-google/
  10. Do you have to reboot your s3 when switching network connecions through the menu? My friend that has an S3 is required to reboot when he switches to CDMA through the settings menu. I do not have to reboot with the EVO LTE.
  11. Looks like the Evo LTE will get Jelly Bean, but still know on knows when it will happen. http://www.pocketabl...evo-4g-lte.html
  12. Will you upgrade to Jelly Bean when it becomes available for the EVO LTE? I'm up in the air since it will not support flash.
  13. I have just recently got both the CM10 rom on my device along with LTE coverage near me and have an odd issue. I generally have wifi coverage so data isn't a problem, but I noticed once I picked up LTE coverage, if I turn off my wifi, my device says it is still connected to LTE but cannot establish a data session. even if i cycle though connection settings, reboot, etc.... Anyone else seeing this or similar issues Also, is there anyway to update PRL on a mod?
  14. I was on craigslist today and someone wants to trade a 16GB S3 for an EVO LTE plus $50. They want the box and original docs, which I don't have. They don't like the Samsung interface is why they want to trade. Would you make the trade?
  15. I decided to change my data connection to LTE only for my trip from Texas to Kansas. That way I should not have to toggle to get LTE to connect since there would not be a CDMA connection alrady established connection to change when LTE was available. Well guess what? LTE still would not connect even though the iPhone had and LTE connection. 1. I connected once in Wichita Falls but soon lost it and never connected again there even though the iPhone maintained an LTE connection while in Wichita Falls. 2. iPhone connected at the south Kansas border, Evo finally connected after toggling. 3. Evo never connected in Wichita KS, iPhone always connected 4. Automatically connected from Andover, KS to El Dorado, KS 5. Finally automatically connected in Overland Park. I cleared the LTE file so I could log all connections on the trip. No connections were logged until I set the connection to LTE/CDMA/EVDO auto when I got home. Note: When connected LTE, there were not NID or BID info in netmontior when LTE only selected.
  16. Received my OTA this morning for the EVO LTE. The new software version is 2.13.651.1 71ORD Android versoin 4.0.4 HTC Sense 4.1 HTC SDK API level 4.24 HTC Extension version HTCExtension_403_1_GA_22
  17. I was using netmonitor today and noticed that my connection was 1xRTT and the 3G icon on my EVO LTE was still displaying.
  18. I noticed that when I was viewing netmonitor connected eHRPD, and toggling airplane mode on my EVO LTE phone, that just before it went to airplane mode netmonitor would flash an LTE connection. Is this a bogus connection or does it mean that it actually connected LTE for that brief timeframe?
  19. Is there someone in MEMPHIS that can s-off my LTEVO.... PLEASE. S-on is killing me! I don't have a pc OR TGE RESOURCES/KNOWLEDGE to do this myself. I'm a complete NOOB on s-off... And I'm too stupid to follow the guide correctly. Can someone please just help me? I've held hboot 1.5 as long as I can stand!
  20. To all, I sent this to HTC so that they could try and see what they are doing wrong. I had originally just gone to their site to write about the EVO LTE, LTE issues but this is what poured out of me when I started writing! LOL If you don't like rants of suggestions move on, but if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me one year from tonight, outside the gates of Parliament... Crap... V for vendetta (Best Movie Ever) taking over again! LOL! I suggest everyone on this forum, who has an HTC phone (or not), go to the HTC website and blog to leave feedback. I'm guessing HTC doesn't read the tech blogs perhaps or maybe they don't know how we (their customers) feel? Maybe they don't know about the plaguing LTE issues on the EVO LTE (WINK WINK)? And most of all, enjoy...
  21. I have a question for anyone out there that has rooted their EVO LTE and is in a LTE area. I have been very, very anxious to finally root this phone. I get hesitant at first cause I honestly have no legitimate reason to do so, other than I just want to. I don't really have the major issues that many people tend to be having as far as connectivity and app crashing, that sprint themselves couldn't fix remotely. But, if I do root the phone and flash over a custom rom, would that fix the LTE connectivity issue the phone has? Just curious, I might just be looking for any reason to root ;P -Luis
  22. Ok, so I've barely used my phone at all when I go to take it out of my pocket and it's smoking hot. The temp app says over 40 Celsius. I've been within 15 feet of the wifi router pretty much all day at work so signal should not have been an issue. It has gone from full off the charger to less than 50% with hardly any use. I set it on my desk and forget about it. I leave to go home and I try to turn on the screen and find that the unit is completely dead. No battery at all. Plug in the charger in the car and the LED slowly blinks for several minutes before going solid orange to indicate charging. I can finally boot it up and check my battery stats and this is what I see. My battery just fell off a cliff for no discernible reason. The screen was barely on; no unusual wake activity and you can see that the device was idle for 6h 59m of the just over 7h it was on battery. Today I've had similar usage, just not keeping it in my pocket and the battery looks like this; This device is so baffling sometimes!
  23. kckid

    Bent my EVO LTE

    I keep my EVO in my back pocket when I'm out. Last night my friend noticed it now has a slight curve in the phone starting just above the kick stand. Guess I'd better get a case for it or not keep it in my back pocket.
  24. kckid

    PRL 25005

    Recieved new PRL 25005 today, Had to do a manual update to get it.. What tool does one use to see the differences?
  25. ok so i looked at sprints facebook page and it said how now you can see coverage for certain devices right. So i looked at it tried to see if there was anything new compared to before nothing seemed to be different as far as i could tell. So i selected the iphone 4s since thats the phone i have and saw roaming almost everywhere outside the big cities and then i decided i wondered about the Evo LTE and i saw something different it mostly white and very little roaming compared to the other phones. Havent tried out the other LTE devices. But why would that phone have less roaming? By the way im looking at data side of things.
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