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  1. Except for the occasional bluetooth hiccups and lost data connectivity when switching between towers. Don't get me wrong, Deck's ROM became more usable for me once he managed to fix the reversed microphone bug that forced you to use only the noise canceling microphone with Google Now. However, bluetooth and mobile connectivity are two big issues CM10 has yet to fully squash on the Evo 4G LTE. IMO, right now for the best Jellybean experience you can't beat a stock ROM.
  2. Actually I dumped CM10 because it's not yet 100% stable. There's nothing wrong with the stock rom.
  3. I can already tell an improvement with the updated radio firmware alone. I use to never get 4G in my office. Now it's at least attempting to connect. The signal is -122db and it comes and goes, but that's something I've never seen the Evo 4G LTE do in my office before! Improvements!
  4. You'll have to download a rooted rom that doesn't check for Sprints locked Recovery or Boot sectors. XDA will have such versions of the rom available to be flashed from TWRP by the end of the day.
  5. Strange, the tweet has since been removed. ?!?!
  6. It's getting more and more official by the second. via: https://twitter.com/sprintcare/status/279242554061504513
  7. Merry Christmas Everyone! Leaked Sprint playbook images show Jellybeans starts in a few hours.
  8. I wouldn't be so fast to jump on the CM10 praise bandwagon. I found the rom to be littered with annoying glitches such as the microphone used for recording is the noise canceling microphone located on the top of the device. To fix this you have to flash another file which breaks the devices A2DP bluetooth audio streaming abilities. There's the random data connection drop outs and the decreased battery life. There's something to be said for sticking to the stock roms. At least the software engeners that created them had to go through various levels of testing and actually had the OEM partner support for the chipsets that make up the working components of these complex devices.
  9. I think the new treads title is a violation of the sites terms of service.
  10. I second your advise about not renewing a contract right now. I'm on the fence myself and with T-Mobile offering unlimited data next year I may fall into their yard.
  11. I wasn't impressed with the build quality of the S3 either. Despite its ability to handle LTE better it wasn't worth being locked into a device I wasn't fully happy with for two years. I returned it and went back to my limp Evo LTE.
  12. Yeah, I think my Evo was just on a roll connecting to towers for the past few days. Driving home from downtown Atlanta this evening I never once connected to 4G. I suppose it was a fluke occurrence. Back to the drawing board! Hopefully we'll see a Jellybean update within the next two weeks that'll include a LTE fix.
  13. I've started to notice that when the Evo LTE has the Wi-Fi radio enabled and set to constantly scan for open access points the device connects to LTE more reliably. Not to say it improves signal strength, but it appears the device seeks LTE signal and connects more often compared to having Wi-Fi scanning turned off. Just pure conjecture here, although if true is it possible somebody at HTC goofed the radio firmware.
  14. Killing the RTSP server will cause streaming applications not to work on your device. Sprint wont funnel data from high bandwidth consumption sites i.e. Youtube, Pandora unless the data is compressed and funneled though their proxy server.
  15. If Sense bothers you why not mask it with another launcher. Nova Launcher offers AOSP performance and styling.
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