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  1. Will the phone be available in all stores too? I'm looking to go to mine to get one on the release date Or should I just call the day before?
  2. Still hoping for the 25th for the release ... Really hope its available. http://community.spr...e/488965#488965 I'm looking to go to my sprint store at 10am on the 25th and be the first get my Note. Anyone know any inside information besides engadget, and sprint forum posts? Thanks
  3. Very, very, very x100 excited to preorder my GN2.... Really hope the release is 10/24... Still no date announced though. If i have to wait until November, so be it. Watched countless reviews on it.
  4. Your paying the same price per month regardless if you brought a phone with you to sprint, or not. So its a shame the prices stay the same. The price of the Galaxy Note II will be the same price for new customers, as it is for people upgrading to a 2-Year Contrat
  5. I believe you got confused on what I was asking, I had used my upgrade when I bought my EVO LTE... and now I want to upgrade to another phone, so i'm using another line's upgrade on my account. Will I be able to sell my EVO on like ebay, or craigslist.... Or is the phone locked to my account and can only be activated on my account until May of 2014?
  6. Does it matter regardless of which line I upgrade too? I purchased my phone using my line, and if I was to use another line on my account, would it matter?
  7. Hi, I recently purchased my Evo 4G LTE back in may, and I want to get the Galaxy Note II when its released. After upgrading, and having my old phone, am I able to sell it? Or will be only be able to be activated to my sprint account? Thanks.
  8. I now get LTE in my town, but very weak signal.... Tower is up the street... The tower is in a very low location, and too many damn trees.
  9. damn... whatta shame.. Unless I can't pick it up at my house and im almost certain that I can. I drive by the area I first saw it tomorrow, so i'll know if the tower is on.
  10. The towers around my house have been upgraded, and I have received 4g in my town. But I can't connect to any 4g towers, is it that only Boston is online??
  11. Thought all current towers were due to go online yesterday?
  12. Still can't pick up LTE in Tewksbury... Was able to before during testing... Are all towers due to go online?
  13. So happy about this. First time ever getting a 4g signal (except for the 10 mins on testing) Edit: I hope by other boston markets they mean the rest of MA sites that have LTE
  14. Anyone know if Boston is still on schedule for October release? My EVO doesent like my WiFi so I can't download apps over Wifi :S
  15. Definitely getting this over my EVO LTE, I dont hate the evo, I just love the Phablet
  16. I also got LTE in southern tewksbury, i can no longer get it now
  17. Okay good. Was about to drive down there to test it out. Thanks for saving me some time, the tower on south street by Walgreens has been upgraded, so hopefully thats a 4g tower
  18. Can't connect to that tower from my home :/..... Only 2 miles away
  19. Thanks ..... And do you know of the app name that tells you the tower # your connected to?
  20. Got .01 4g WiMax at Fenway, i'm guessing that could've been because so many people in one place.
  21. Getting 2mb down and 1mb up in southern tewksbury, I'm guessing my tower was upgraded, but S4GRU told me my area was TBD . Hoping to see the 4G sign at the end of the month! By the way, whats the name of the app that gives you information on thw tower your connected to?
  22. Donated another $4 for a total of $5 for your very fast replies. You seem to be very committed in everything on this website, even answering every question there is ... Keep up the good work
  23. How is Tewksbury doing? My AT&T iPad just got LTE(the other day) now im waiting on my Sprint phone .
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