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  1. I just took a trip up Hwy 395 in Central CA between Mojave and Bishop and was roaming on Verizon in some areas. This was for voice at least as I test called customer service and got the Verizon recording. I also had data roaming in some places but not sure who's signal that was as it worked fine for internet browsing (Ebay, Yahoo and Facebook) but wouldn't allow me to send pictures or search google in my web browser. I'm guessing the file size on the pictures I was trying to send were probably too large for what the roaming partner allows. Also wherever Sprint had coverage LTE worked fine
  2. Totally agree. I bet 75% of cell sites would overlap. That's a lot to take on!
  3. Has anyone actually received the update in the past 2 or 3 days? Seems like the rollout has hit a wall and that hardly anyone has actually received it yet. So much for getting it in 2015.
  4. It's normally not supposed to take 2 weeks. In the past the roll out schedule has been more like 7-8 days. Now all of a sudden it's up to 14? Come on that is ridiculous to take that long. They need a new system that can speed things up.
  5. And still waiting... As usual I knew I would be last to get it.
  6. I've always received every previous update that has been released for my Android phones on the VERY last possible day and usually very late that day too. The rolling out in waves thing sucks when they announce the update is now available and then you don't get it for 7-10 days later while everyone else gets it first. I'm sure I'll be last to get this one too!
  7. I'm sure i won't get it until the last possible day just like all other previous times I have been waiting for these updates. My G4 was fine for about the first 6 weeks I had it but like my prior G3 I have developed the same issues once again. Lagging when pressing the touchscreen, random screen freezes, force closing of certain apps and apps not doing auto push notifications like ebay, abc news, pulsepoint, etc. I hope the new version fixes some of this!
  8. Best phone I have owned yet. I also said that about the G3 until they ruined it with the lolipop update. Hopefully that doesn't happen with the G4 marshmallow update. My only complaint is the battery drains quickly but I expected that.
  9. This was not OC and not taken by me. I believe it was up in Oregon but not sure exactly where. No idea what that means. Good observation. Haha That's for sure! Tired of the silly water rationing. Also why was my thread moved into this section (it's not So. Cal related) and how do you know when your thread is moved? I didn't get any notification of where it was and when I shared the original link with some others that link became bad so they had to come back and tell me there was nothing to view.
  10. Anyone know what the B25 squared means? I posted this earlier and the thread seems to have disappeared.
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