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  1. Gotcha, it was a Wednesday at like ~11 am. I have a iPhone 8 I am not sure how much CA it can do but I assume its decent enough to get good reception. I know on T-Mobile the unlocked iPhone 8 is WAY better than the SE I had. I wonder who is using all the bandwidth in Franklin, it seems like most people I know are on Verizon (which has gotten terribly slow in Cool Springs according to several friends). I definitely don't know what T-Mobile is doing but damn they must have some huge fiber connections at their cell sites. I generally get over 30mbps and have seen a lot of 50Mbps+ lately in parts of Nashville.
  2. Highway 96 @ I-65 & McEwen @ I-65 had B41 and plenty of bandwidth. It was as I went around the mall and on Carothers up to Moores Lane, I only noticed their wasn't bandwidth because I tried sending an email that error-ed out twice but ultimately sent the 3rd time. I will have to see how Brentwood and north is. I am likely moving that direction. I never really go to Murfreesboro (and once I change my job EoY I def don't need to worry about Spring Hill/Columbia). Is B41 deployed extensively in Nashville yet? I know we got it slow because the huge Clearwire deployment we had. *edited for grammar fixes
  3. I just got Sprint service and I have to say I am surprised to find that B25/26 seem to be super overloaded, Franklin is all over the board with cell performance with a few spotty areas that have speedy B41 and other parts getting less than a megabit, I only get x1 at my house but the map says I should get LTE. I have a unlocked iPhone 8. Thoughts? Are their that many Sprint users in this area? Seems like everyone I know is Verizon/AT&T I figured I would have decent enough coverage...
  4. There are still areas where I have seen Verizon 3G or x1 only so VoLTE calls would fail there, they don't have their entire footprint, if they shut down x1 it would dramatically shrink the calling maps, thats what I meant by no carrier being able to pull it off. Technically T-Mobile beat them to the punch for nationwide VoLTE/HD calling.
  5. I don't disagree, it would have been smarter for HTC to relocate the finger scanner to the back, I would imagine they could have kept the low end speaker on the front grill for a "fuller" sound.
  6. Understandable, however louder does not equate to better, I'd prefer better to louder and it's still better than any other phone I've heard, quality wise. And if that's the price of a smaller chin and "shorter" device I can live with it the M7/8/9 were to big for "regular" phones not everyone wants a phablet.
  7. I have heard the HTC 10 in person and the dual amp high/low setup is not as bad as you would think, the front speaker does the highs and the bottom one does the lows.
  8. I don think any carrier can really pull off densification for proper VoLTE (which is probably why we have seen minimal inter-carrier calling).
  9. I imagine they will shut down all consumer Clear/Sprint customers. I agree it shouldn't pose any real problems for Sprint. I do however hope Sprint steps up B41 deployment (I am sure Nashville isn't a hugely important market but B25/B26 networks seem to really struggle most of the day), now weather that's from tuning or something on the back end I am not sure.
  10. Just out of curiosity is B41 mostly in EBS or BRS? Could Sprint give those licenses up? Seems if my memory serves me correctly when Sprint merged Xohm with Clearwire didn't they bring like 60MHz to the table? Also as a side note I liked the Xohm name.
  11. Yeah basically AT&T is done with "wires" my parents according to broadband.gov have AT&T/Comcast available, Comcast isn't down their street, AT&T served the previous home owners with DSL and tell me they are to far to service it and the box is "full." I ended up having 2x T1s run to my parents house (thank god my dad has a business to expense it). AT&T spends next to nothing on landline expansion. Keep in my my parents live ~5 minutes off the Interstate in the 14th richest county in the USA.
  12. AT&T FTTH roll outs are to places that already have fiber, they aren't laying fiber to replace cables.
  13. Altice just bought Suddenlink (and Cablevision), plus I think Google would be the better buyer.
  14. If Verizon were to sell Fios assets wouldn't Google be a good buyer? I mean it would expand Google Fiber into new markets and gain them customers. And Google clearly has the cash. I thought Verizon was selling non-fiber landline stuff to Frontier?
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