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Guidelines about Posting Articles from Outside Websites






Uh, oh! He's brought out the Rules Emoticon!


I really appreciate all the links that our members provide to news article and relevant interest stories. Please keep it up. They are very informative to S4GRU members and help spark great forum conversations. Sometimes, they are even a lead to me to write a S4GRU article.


However, in the interest of being fair and just to content writers and attempt to keep from running afoul with copyright laws, we will be instituting the following guidelines from here forward regarding reposting content from other sites.


Do not copy and paste whole articles in your post


If something is relevant in the article, please quote it. See the quote button below...




You can paste it within the quote caption. If the article is short, you can paste the whole article within the quote caption. A quote caption will appear gallery_1_1_230.jpg. With this, the quote header will just say: Quote. If you want to customize what your header says, post this instead gallery_1_1_522.png. And now that header will be changed to say: BGR.com said:


All words/articles copied from other sites must be quoted. And a link back to the other site must be included, so the copyrighted material can be viewed in its entirety and within its intended context. Also, this allows the copyright holder an opportunity to make money, which is the whole purpose of why the content most likely even exists.


Do not quote from paid/subscribed sources


Please do not quote any materials from a subscribed source. For instance, much of the Wall Street Journal is in a subscription area. If you have a subscription to one of these sites and see a wonderful article there, please do not copy and paste it here. The WSJ is very protective of their content and they are eventually going to come after me if you post things they intend to be read by paying members.


So please do not copy and paste any material that is part of a subscription service. However, if you want to link to these stories on a subscription based site, please do so. Just mention next to the link that a subscription is required.


Post Outside Website news stories and links in the new forum category


Today, I created a new Forum category called The News Forum. In it is a subforum called Member Posted News Articles. This is where news articles should be posted in the future.


Thanks for your help, and when in doubt, just link it


I appreciate the help of all of you with these issues. It will help insulate S4GRU from copyright issues and disputes. That way we can keep bringing to you all this great content!


If I come across any infractions, I will take corrective actions on the post and leave a comment linking back to these guidelines. Your immediate cooperation is greatly appreciated!


Best Regards,


Robert Herron


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