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How can I use a Quectel EC25 USB dongle with my macbook without writing separate driver code and/or emulating into Linux?


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I bought a Quectel EC25 USB dongle attached below, and was hoping to plug and play with my Mac OS. However, after contacting Quectel, I found out they only have Linux and Windows drivers written in it. I resorted to using VMware inside my Mac OS, passing the dongle into a linux virtual machine. 

I am wondering how hard it might be to adapt their linux driver code so that it works in Mac OS. Does anyone know any shortcuts I can use to make it run in Mac?



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I have been using most of Quectel LTE modem and I can confirm that it works with Linux with minimal effort. I haven't really tried it on macOS, but I am pretty sure it can be tweak to make it work for macOS.

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