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Anyone else use Google Voice? Missing the @ symbol


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I am using an s3 and when someone sends me an @ symbol including an email address the symbol is missing in text messages. It shows in the GV app but never in the actual text message. My wife has an old Palm Pixi with GV and its worse. She doesn't get the @ or anything after the @ symbol as well. Not sure when this started but just noticed it today. I checked old text messages and I noticed I got an @ symbol in DEC 21st 2012, so this is a fairly recent development, I think.


Can anyone test this out for me? This happens whether or not the other party is using GV or not. I've only tested Sprint to Sprint. So any other tests would be appreciated.

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I see the same behavior sending sprint to sprint on an EVO 4g LTE.


Just the @ symbol missing or everything after the @ symbol too?


I just tested MetroPCS to Sprint and @ symbol missing again. Sigh.


@ symbol missing for me isnt such a big deal, but everything after @ for my wife is a big deal.


edit: noticed this also affects outgoing texts. hmmm

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