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  1. Yep, B41 is very good in the few areas that have it. Have seen 100 Mbps in the Biology building parking at RUM and in the Yauco Plaza II parking. 30+ Mbps in the Aguadilla Mall parking.
  2. Don't know anything new... B13 is up and running in most of the island and my phone connects to it normally just like B25.
  3. Any update? Are you able to connect to B13 in St. Thomas?
  4. Exactly the same behavior with my Android phone.
  5. Update: I Have successfully connected for long periods of time to B13 in the following areas: Mayagüez, Hormigueros, San Germán, Sabana Grande, Guánica, Yauco, Guayanilla, Peñuelas and Ponce (Walmart, Plaza del Caribe... all of Ponce). Some B13 sites are congested but overall, speeds on congested B13 are faster than on congested B25. Regarding B41... There's B41 near the Mayagüez Town Center and near the road to the Isidoro García Stadium. Sadly, only 1 carrier on B41 in that area. In Yauco, B41 is absolutely extremely fast. You will find 3x Carrier Aggregation in the Yauco Plaza II area. I have seen speeds of 80 Mbps which are excellent in this area. B41 in Ponce... I have only seen B41 briefly near DTOP and the area where Home Depot was originally located in Highway #2. Overall, B13 was much needed in PR for Sprint to improve. I'm anxious for VoLTE rollout in PR which is critical for Sprint. At least for now, I don't feel encajonao with Sprint...
  6. Just wait a little more. Seen how it has been in PR, it should be fully enabled in a few weeks.
  7. Yep. My phone still prefers B25 in some areas but I have seen areas where it defaults to B13 even when B25 is available.
  8. I think that Sprint may have fully enabled B13 in all the island or in most of the island. I was able to successfully connect and use for an extended time B13 at San Germán, Hormigueros and Mayagüez. In Mayagüez, I was receiving B13 inside Sam's Club, Dtop, town center, Mayagüez mall. It seems that my phone still wants to keep B25 most of the time but I saw that at some areas with B25, the phone preferred B13 instead of B25. Roaming indicator (R icon) didn't appear in any of the locations I was connected, perhaps the transition is complete.
  9. Nice. I was able to stay connected to B13 for more than 30 minutes. At least in my area, I was getting very good speeds and pings of about 55 ms. Guess I'm lucky that Open Mobile is not congested in my area.
  10. Can confirm!!!! Saw multiple B13 sites online!!! This was between San German and Sabana Grande. Interestingly, there was no roaming indicator this time.
  11. By the way, that 1.27 Mbps is much better than the 0.40 Mbps I'm getting on a normal day with B25...
  12. So many questions... How come you're not roaming? Any other area with successful B13 connection in Caguas? What about other cities/towns? At least for me, the only two times I connected successfully were when the power blackout killed Sprint sites in my area. Under normal conditions, I have yet to connect to B13 like your phone did.
  13. Interesting... Did they looked like engineers and network equipment staff or just regular sales employees?
  14. No entirely sure if the the phone was able to transfer data. I will check on saturday on the area again.
  15. Nope. I don't know anything else. But my phone has been acting weird near Guanica connecting to B2 LTE and is strange... Ins't B2 T-Mobile LTE? Or is this a bug in Signal Check Pro? Have seen two weird connections, B12 and now B2...