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  1. Improved where? Here in PR (Southwest side), Sprint is still awful. It would be nice if my phone could stay on B13.
  2. Look what I found! Was doing some errands in San Germán and my phone suddenly decided to roam on B66 (T-Mobile). First time I see my phone roaming on T-Mobile LTE post roaming agreement.
  3. Update: Had to change my phone and SIM. I still don't know how modifying bands priority could have messed the phone so badly.
  4. 100% sure I didn't mess anything else. Just the priorities. You were right, it does lock me out if I don't do it fast enough, is very tricky to get it. I followed your procedure in safe mode and got the carrier reset message. After pressing yes, the phone rebooted but the behavior still persists. Another interesting bit is that as soon as I pop my Sprint SIM, wifi on the phone disconnects. If I remove the SIM, wifi functions normally (this behavior does not happens with any other SIM). The problem with this is that when I attempt to activate via SprintDM, it fails due to no wifi connec
  5. Holy cow! I missed a few typos in my post. I agree with you. There's no reason for my phone to be behaving in a different way. I'm mind blown. It doesn't make any sense that changing priorities would render the phone useless with the Sprint network. One of my initial hypothesis was that perhaps Sprint was not allowing network authentication via B13 but it doesn't make sense. B13 is fully integrated here in the island and if that were the case, the phone should still be able to connect to CDMA. You're right. Although the phone is by design to prefer B25, what I find funny
  6. Hello, I'm in need of help for my phone due to a mistake that I did. First I have to give you some context. Here where I live (Puerto Rico), there's no B26 and B41 is extremely limited to a very few selected areas in the island. The only choice in my area was B25 which is severely congested. So congested that in a good day, I only see 0.40 Mbps download and ~0.10 Mbps upload. A few months ago, Sprint and Open Mobile (a local CDMA carrier on the island) did a joint venture merging their networks. As a results, on a lucky day, my phone will connect to Open Mobile's blazing fast B13 in
  7. Agree with that. In my opinion, Sprint current plans on the island are not worth their prices.
  8. Perhaps that crew were from T-Mobile... I have seen many T-Mobile crews putting the equipments for B71 at 600 Mhz.
  9. Yep, B41 is very good in the few areas that have it. Have seen 100 Mbps in the Biology building parking at RUM and in the Yauco Plaza II parking. 30+ Mbps in the Aguadilla Mall parking.
  10. Don't know anything new... B13 is up and running in most of the island and my phone connects to it normally just like B25.
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