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  1. Improved where? Here in PR (Southwest side), Sprint is still awful. It would be nice if my phone could stay on B13.
  2. Look what I found! Was doing some errands in San Germán and my phone suddenly decided to roam on B66 (T-Mobile). First time I see my phone roaming on T-Mobile LTE post roaming agreement.
  3. Update: Had to change my phone and SIM. I still don't know how modifying bands priority could have messed the phone so badly.
  4. 100% sure I didn't mess anything else. Just the priorities. You were right, it does lock me out if I don't do it fast enough, is very tricky to get it. I followed your procedure in safe mode and got the carrier reset message. After pressing yes, the phone rebooted but the behavior still persists. Another interesting bit is that as soon as I pop my Sprint SIM, wifi on the phone disconnects. If I remove the SIM, wifi functions normally (this behavior does not happens with any other SIM). The problem with this is that when I attempt to activate via SprintDM, it fails due to no wifi connection. Did that phone ever worked again normally? No other phones or lines. Just this one. I guess I will have to do that. Hopefully, a new SIM should fix this strange issue. Do they give the SIMs hassle free or are they difficult? By the way, thanks for the advice.
  5. Holy cow! I missed a few typos in my post. I agree with you. There's no reason for my phone to be behaving in a different way. I'm mind blown. It doesn't make any sense that changing priorities would render the phone useless with the Sprint network. One of my initial hypothesis was that perhaps Sprint was not allowing network authentication via B13 but it doesn't make sense. B13 is fully integrated here in the island and if that were the case, the phone should still be able to connect to CDMA. You're right. Although the phone is by design to prefer B25, what I find funny is that according to SCP, in my area there are 2 B25 and 2 B13 with almost the same identical signal levels. Sometimes is like they are fighting. Fun fact: before doing this software B13 force, if I was desperate for B13, placing the phone on the Microwave (not on or running obviously) for a few seconds, was enough to change from B25 to B13. It grinds my gears that my issue is only with Sprint. As soon as I pop another SIM, my phone behaves normally.
  6. Hello, I'm in need of help for my phone due to a mistake that I did. First I have to give you some context. Here where I live (Puerto Rico), there's no B26 and B41 is extremely limited to a very few selected areas in the island. The only choice in my area was B25 which is severely congested. So congested that in a good day, I only see 0.40 Mbps download and ~0.10 Mbps upload. A few months ago, Sprint and Open Mobile (a local CDMA carrier on the island) did a joint venture merging their networks. As a results, on a lucky day, my phone will connect to Open Mobile's blazing fast B13 in my area (upwards 10 Mbps). This B13 Open Mobile thingy is working natively (no roaming and no extended network) fine but my phone prefers B25 which is from Sprint and is congested. Now the good part. I was looking for a way to force B13 or at least to change this band to a higher priority in my phone (Moto X4) so it would connect to B13 instead of B25. To my surprise, supposedly I found a method to do this just like with Samsung phones. By pressing *#*#DATA#*#*, a menu appeared with multiple options, including LTE settings. In this menu, there was an area to assign priorities to the available bands which by default, where B13 (fourth), B25 (first), B26 (second) and B41 (third). To change these priorities, you had to input a password which conveniently was 000000. As a very curious person, I change the priority values to the following: B13 (first), B25 (second), B26 (fourth) and B41 (third), pressed the done button and the exit the menu. Following that, I went to SCP to see if there was any change but SCP reported that it was still connected to B25. Perhaps the phone needed a reboot to implement the new LTE priorities. Big mistake. As soon as the phone rebooted, I was greeted with an invalid SIM message and no signal (no LTE, no 3G, no call, nada). The SprinDM service did not work, wifi was disconnecting after every "invalid SIM" message (perhaps the wifi radio was affected?). After doing a factory reset, the same message was all over again. A trip to a local Sprint shop was wasted. One of the employees (regular employee, there was no technician at this store) managed to get the SprintDM service running and was successful in getting the "config file" option in the service but still, calls and LTE was not working (no signal). He even use a built in app called CQATest which was new to me. According to him, the app reported that the phone was "seeing" the Sprint network but that perhaps there was something wrong with the phone that was beyond his knowledge. A call to Sprint customer service yielded not results. The did some "refresh at their end" and had to wait 10 minutes before turning on the phone again but still, the phone is unable to connect to Sprint. The funny part... As this phone is (GSM/CDMA), I proceeded to insert a working T-Mobile SIM and guess what, I got full LTE and everything with T-Mobile. Full VoLTE, calls, LTE, text messages, wifi, everything work any other SIM except with a Sprint SIM. If insert my Sprint SIM, my phone behavior changes for the bad. To wrap this up. Any idea on how to fix this? I tried to change the priority values to the default ones multiple times and nothing. Multiple hard resets and nothing. I'm out of ideas.
  7. Agree with that. In my opinion, Sprint current plans on the island are not worth their prices.
  8. Ok. Did they finish the installation? Mayagüez needs more B41.
  9. Perhaps that crew were from T-Mobile... I have seen many T-Mobile crews putting the equipments for B71 at 600 Mhz.
  10. Yep, B41 is very good in the few areas that have it. Have seen 100 Mbps in the Biology building parking at RUM and in the Yauco Plaza II parking. 30+ Mbps in the Aguadilla Mall parking.
  11. Don't know anything new... B13 is up and running in most of the island and my phone connects to it normally just like B25.
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