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  1. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    I'll talk with my mother about this again later, see if there are any updates and if she still has the phone or not. I haven't seen her yet today, and the T-Mobile representative was going to allow her to send the phone in through one of their local stores, so I'll need to wait until later. If she hasn't sent the phone back in yet though, I'll try it and see. Also, I haven't received an email back yet from the Legere email, which usually is a great way at getting a response from them, but they may have called my mother instead, as I included her email. It would be nice if by later someone there helped figure out this issue in some way.
  2. BlackBerry KEYone

    What is Voice Call Continuity? Is that calling while using data at the same time, such as talking while searching the internet, posting on S4GRU, etc.?
  3. If Sprint densifies their band 41 where it can connect around 85% or more the way it was back when I tried it in Schaumburg, Sprint can easily charge $90 a month or so for the first line as the other national carriers do, and still have it be worth the money. My guess is that eventually these carriers when working to upgrade to 5G will charge $95 monthly for full service. Its possible they may offer cheaper plans that have speed caps, but if people expect to continue getting full resolution unlimited service, prices most likely will start around just under $100 monthly for it.
  4. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Its the button meant for powering off is what I was referring to. As I said, the executive response representative went through this with my mother. By the way, the case is the official Apple leather case, not one from a third party. So, I really doubt that would be an issue. Also, my mother was just here talking with me more in-depth about the phone conversation with the T-Mobile representative earlier. I asked her to tell me what exactly he told her to try, which was everything suggested in this thread so far. Not only did using the button system not work, but it didn't even process to a screen with an Apple logo as the representative asked her to try and see if it would after holding the button a certain way. If anything were different where it didn't sound as everything were tried and done correctly, I might try it myself. Although from the way it sounds, I might not even have the finger dexterity to do so.
  5. I'm having an issue with the iPhone X I got, and as my only option at this point is going to Android, I was looking at the new HTC U11+ which doesn't look like it'll be sold in the US. As Sprint has had a good relationship history with HTC in the past, it would be nice if they could have an exclusive for the device. I would switch to Sprint if they did.
  6. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    I'm thinking how nice it would be if the problem actually was freezing, like what often happens on my Lumia. Although right now I imagine the iPhone X battery likely is empty by now not having turned off. The problem definitely is with the power button. Another thing that might even be welcomed is if the case were interfering with the proximity sensor. I had that happen With the Nexus 6 I had from Sprint that otherwise was a good phone (had some software issues though) Thank you for the links though, RedSpark. I'm considering if I had got this directly from Apple, getting a new one wouldn't be so difficult from what I've been reading. T-Mobile however with their generous discounts, doesn't seem to take into consideration these problems and the ability to get a replacement, despite being a popular phone. I am hoping to get a helpful response from the email I sent to the Legere account. Possibly something can be done from there.
  7. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    That would turn it off, but I really don't want to have to do that every time I want it to turn off, especially if for some reason the phone does freeze, its nice relying on the power button to get it restarted. It seems like I have to use the Lumia power button at least once or twice every day to get the phone to unfreeze, but at least the power button functions. I've searched around Google the past hour or so to read anyone else having issues, which while I'm not finding anything about the power button, there are quite a few complaints about the screen responsiveness and screen freezing, similar to issues I've had from the Lumia. There were alot from T-Mobile customers, who didn't seem to respond with resolution updates. Though it seemed those who bought from Apple were able to go to Apple stores for replacement. I ended up writing an email to the John Legere email account, because the executive response person my mother spoke to had no resolution for this. Its really disappointing, especially since most of the representatives from there have been very helpful lately and they actually got the preorder right this time.
  8. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Thank you for the advice. Although this was tried by the conversation/tech support on the phone she tried earlier to no avail. Again, I really like the added accidental shut off features, which hopefully will even help to make the power button more resilient over time - something that my badly aging Microsoft Lumia 950xl could have used, as well as whatever features to prevent the frequent "freezing" the device encounters, but thats a separate issue of the 950xl. The real problem is the high demand of the x causing an issue for situations where there is a technical glitch beyond repair like this, then its a matter of either waiting for several weeks for a replacement, or getting a refund for something else. Thing is, there isn't getting something else with a device as premium as the iPhone X, especially when there are vast differences between iOS and Android, with iOS being so much better for those who do not want to deal with a complex mobile OS as Android. I don't want to spend several hours having to go through hundreds of settings to get the phone doing or not doing certain things. Android is nice for those wanting customizations, but for those who want a nice, simple functionality, iOS is it - but sadly the only other option There really needs to be more competition in OS software.
  9. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    I was reading about that earlier today with how the side button setup is varied differently and how some people who can't get use to it are returning the device, but to me it actually seemed like a nice feature to avoid having mistaken power shutoffs with sensitivity on these phones becoming more of an issue lately. However, my mother still is on the phone with T-Mobile (I called out to her from upstairs to talk about the power button issue, which apparently they already went through trying to do it, to no success). I really don't want to settle for an iPhone 8 just to have iOS now, and going back to Android is something I really don't want to do either.
  10. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Really bad situation... My mother got the case on the phone, the X, and it turned on automatically, but she can't get the phone to turn off. The executive response guy can't do anything to help us, because there isn't anything in stock now probably for several weeks. I can't understand why Apple would make a nearly $1200 phone that turns on by itself and won't turn off.
  11. There was a merger discussion thread, but it was closed, probably because of the ending of the Sprint deal with T-Mobile. Although no official reason was given for the thread closure, I figure that was the purpose of it being closed.
  12. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    I'm still waiting to try mine tomorrow. My mother is putting the case on the X then, and hopefully I'll get actual new 10ft Lightning cords from Amazon tomorrow. She had to call Amazon yesterday to get them to send new ones, because the ones they sent us which arrived yesterday were used products with a bunch of cheap Scotch tape on opened packaging. The items were directly from the Amazon warehouse, not from a third party. I need them for the car, because instead of my having to worry about battery life, , I have a five port car charger. I also got a fancy call/volume capable charger dongle for it that I'm going to use for the aux car speaker system.
  13. Fraydog, essentially I agree with your point here, but I want to correct you on something you said here (respectfully, no offense meant at all). Despite Sprint being owned by Softbank and there being some integral connections between the two, its important that the two companies be viewed separately at least for the time being unless/until Softbank were to fully purchase and completely own Sprint. I imagine perhaps you made an error in wording Sprint there regarding investment meant as Softbank instead. Lately in alot of comments I've seen from people who generally use to be critical of Sprint, are not focusing so much on that anymore, but rather towards Softbank and Masayoshi Son, which is undeniable that Softbank/Son has spent a bunch of time since owning Sprint, not getting regulatory support for their initial "attempts" seeking a merger with T-Mobile, by trying to sell Sprint elsewhere, along with waiting for other merger opportunities with T-Mobile, rather than actively investing in Sprint's network. Meanwhile, Sprint has done some things to help manage the business during this time to improve on their service in ways they could be reasonably successful, minimizing risks and things that were hampering the company's opportunities for future successes. While I think some of what Sprint has been doing would have been better to do later on after their own investing outside of any involvement from Softbank and Son, I still understand and support Sprint doing what they have done, such as financial stability decisions, the Magic Box, and some other things. Despite there also being some actions that I believe were not so good, such as Pokemon and Tidal, money which certainly could have been spent on network investment, perhaps there was an internal overview of the situation where the network spending had to be bigger than those other investments, something that needed backing of Softbank, or at least in the minimum the need for some time to pass where money could be put into it over time to be announced later on, as it has recently. However, Sprint would not have had such delays in network spending if Softbank had committed to that much earlier, rather than focusing on merger attempts involving Sprint, along with those costly mergers outside of Sprint in which certainly those billions used were far more costly than Sprint's own investments in Pokemon and Tidal. That is what people are criticizing Softbank for, and why there is suspicion and a lack of confidence in Softbank for what is being mentioned in the media regarding their sudden refreshed commitment to Sprint. It'll be great, if true, and I have some hope Masayoshi Son has plans in mind connected with the cable industry in the future that could be very beneficial for Sprint, though not pushing for cable interaction so much right now.
  14. There really are alot of crazy Sprint haters online that say some odd things, or they'll take a reasonable criticism then turn it into something that is very inappropriate. Then there are those that appear to have a terminal condition where Sprint hate is like a symptom reliever for them. Instead of taking pills at various intervals throughout the day, they go online to say something bad about Sprint. Its a nasty thing! However, some of the comments I've seen regarding Masa makes sense, and its appearing to me that in a way, Softbank has become a shield for Sprint. I can't even blame those targeting Softbank because its a very different situation than what's been happening with Sprint. Softbank doesn't have the recent history of financial troubles Sprint has had. Although thankfully, Sprint's executive employees the past few years have improved things for Sprint where they can, despite being limited. Softbank could have resolved this sooner but didn't. So to that I understand the frustrations. Hopefully now though, Softbank really intends to spend on Sprint.
  15. I think Sprint would be better merging with US Cellular also. I've been reading the merger cancellation article comments on TmoNews where some people are suggesting a T-Mobile merger with US Cellular, which I think is a big NO! I don't want to see any executives from there getting positions in Tmobile and making some bad decisions after getting on John Legere's good side. Whereas Sprint would do much better keeping that from happening in their company. Besides, Sprint already has a history working with US Cellular and is able to deal with that company in a way that works for them. Dish is a much better suitor for T-Mobile. While I understand the doubts some of you have about Ergen and his ability to work with Legere, and even his retirement, its got to happen sometime, and right now it makes the best sense to go with T-Mobile. Verizon isn't a bad choice either, but Verizon, like Sprint, both seem that they are going towards a cable deal.