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  1. Probably true. In case of emergencies people working there are more likely to be running around yelling on their headsets, "Get that GMO site back working, stat!"
  2. Arysyn

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Hey RedSpark, Reading your posts for a long time here, of course, and I know you genuinely want Sprint to succeed on its own with densification and deployment. I do too, but my faith in Softbank is completely gone. Since Softbank is in charge, I just cannot have any faith Sprint will do what we know it could do with the proper funding. Therefore try to see it from the perspective of what actually is going to get Sprint to do what we know will help it. T-Mobile will get band 41 on all of its towers, which even though its been revealed T-Mobile plans on scrapping alot of the Sprint sites, perhaps they are the older sites not as updated, Clear sites, GMO sites, etc. They'll certainly keep the necessary sites that add both new coverage and densified coverage. Along with that, there will be plenty of spectrum added to Sprint customers' access, same with adding spectrum to T-Mobile customers' access. Network-wise, its a big win, and we know T-Mobile will do it, versus what we are hoping Softbank will do after how long has it been we've been waiting on this for? We know the money exists for a major turnaround at Sprint, which Softbank continues to put into other non-Sprint related projects, while Masa seems more intent waiting for the big payout on a major merger deal. He doesn't seem to really care about Sprint itself. After all, when Softbank bought Sprint, back then they were all talk about this huge investment into Sprint to merge it into this big dream Softbank empire. Now its, "Lets try selling Sprint again for the third time around to T-Mobile since no one else wants to buy this company we couldn't give a crap about". I really hate to say that, but its the reality of the situation now. Before Softbank got involved, Sprint really was working on a multi-level growth strategy headed by Dan Hesse, which unfortunately wasn't completely supported by its then board of directors. Now that board basically is Softbank in its position doing relatively little. The Sprint management that answers to Softbank are trying the best they can, which is why I'm not faulting the actual Sprint company, but rather Softbank. However, if its between business as usual with Softbank, or massive growth with T-Mobile, then by all means Magenta!
  3. Arysyn

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I've been very supportive of either a Dish merger with Sprint or with T-Mobile, though as a TMo subscriber I prefer they merge with Dish, in which case they wouldn't necessarily need to merge with Sprint. If that were to happen, I think US Cellular would be a good buyout for Sprint. However since this Sprint/T-Mobile merger just isn't going away and I think third time is a charm here for them, I'd love for the combo to then pick up Dish. A combined T-Mobile/Sprint/Dish would be absolutely amazing for customers of Sprint and T-Mobile. It would bring up the minimum 600mhz from 10x10 to 15x15, while 20x20 would be in a bunch of areas. I'd really like to see a bunch of trade deals and other negotiations done where T-Mobile could try to get 20x20 at least near nationwide, even if it means swapping out other existing low-band. That is something I think would become more likely to happen (these trade deals), with fewer carriers working more towards improving networks, rather than pricing wars, etc. Imagining a solid low-band network combined with Sprint's excellent band 41 which T-Mobile surely will densify/deploy much faster than Softbank, is really an amazing thought. I know a bunch of us here on S4GRU would really like for Sprint to do well on its own with massive deployment and densification. I understand that and would like to see that too. However at this point with all the delays with Softbank seemingly more interested in a merger while investing billions of dollars in other companies rather than on Sprint, how much faith can be left for us in Softbank doing what many of us feel us the "right thing" by spending on Sprint. I'm not a fan of T-Mobile, nor of John Legere, but at least they get stuff done. The T-Mobile network is improving rapidly and with Sprint's spectrum, they will make an awesome network. The track record for T-Mobile already is there, and its pretty great. Not so much with Softbank. Again, Sprint itself has so much potential - no denying that, but Softbank is stalling it. Sprint's only viable option now in regards to having any hope in being run by a company that would actually care for it, is T-Mobile, and is unlikely we'd ever see Softbank divest in Sprint to be on its own. So really, at least in most ways, the T-Mobile/Sprint merger is quite a good thing. Sorry about the post length. Alot to say about this.
  4. Arysyn

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Well, I've decided I'm officially in support of this merger. This doesn't mean I don't still support the idea of Sprint building its network by means of densification and deployment strategies, but its been clear to me for a while now that Softbank doesn't really want to spend the Capex for Sprint to grow and would much rather have the combination with T-Mobile. My decision to fully support this has more to do with my subscription. I'd love to have Sprint's improved service here in Chicago, but T-Mobile is a bit cheaper and has the huge 600mhz spectrum coming up. I also wouldn't mind going back to AT&T because the phones I want from them happen to also support FirstNet, besides being the rugged kind of phone I prefer, but AT&T is much more expensive than what my mother is paying for T-Mobile. If the merger goes through, it'll end all thoughts of switching, as we'll have access to plenty of spectrum on a great pricing deal. I still have the Microsoft Lumia 950xl I really want to upgrade to iPhone or Android, but waiting on the carrier decision has been difficult. Other than the subscription reason though, I also don't see anything wrong with the merger happening, so might as well. Still, I don't at all doubt Sprint could be great on its own if it were properly funded and supported. Thing is though, it isn't, and the reality is that T-Mobile will do more good for Sprint customers than Softbank is doing.
  5. I just saw the merger retalk article here : https://www.tmonews.com/2018/04/t-mobile-sprint-merger-talks-once-again/ I know the pros and cons we all have talked about here, though regardless I firmly believe this merger is going to happen now. I didn't think it would be long before the talks resumed since the "supposed" end of them a few months ago. Its too good of a deal for them both. As for me, I'm still with T-Mobile and am stuck with them based on the excellent pricing. Switching to AT&T or Verizon would be double the price. If T-Mobile and Sprint were to merge, considering my locked in deal, it would make switching no longer a consideration for any reason. Adding the excellent Chicago Sprint b41 network to T-Mobile here would make a network much better than AT&T and Verizon anyways.
  6. Arysyn

    T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Sorry about my late reply. My online reading S4GRU has been very limited the past few months. Sprint has been advertising using Schaumburg in their Chicago speed test examples. While I'm sure Sprint service in Schaumburg has improved throughout the past few years since I had Sprint, I was very impressed by it in Schaumburg back then, just not so much in some other areas. By now it looks like Sprint is doing really well around here, which is good.
  7. I haven't heard much on the Tidal situation. What is Sprint TV? Is it similar to Go90? I remember back around 2005-2006-ish there were some tv packages Sprint had I didn't understand exactly what they were for, and if I'm recalling correctly Sprint's internet packages were a bit of a mess back then. I was in a few stores alot during that time talking with store staff who let me use their info helping people on HowardForums get into the SERO program. Yet, even the staff weren't aware fully of the differences between the internet plans back then, and as I was looking for service ahead of its time and needed to know exactly what was being offered to avoid the overage mess Verizon caused me back then, I didn't end up switching to Sprint. However, I still supported them by helping with the SERO referrals for awhile.
  8. Arysyn

    T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Considering the excellent Sprint reports here in Chicago, I'd really like to switch to Sprint, but the phone selection still is looking quite limited this year until VoLTE comes around with DMA going away, allowing customers to purchase any unlocked phone and switching to whichever carrier they choose. I'm set on getting the flagship Sony phone this year, so its looking like I'll either have to stay with T-Mobile, or else go back to AT&T. Anyways, S4GRU is helpful with the Sprint updates regarding the network, and if anything changes allowing me to use an unlocked phone on Sprint, I'll switch.
  9. Arysyn

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    I'll talk with my mother about this again later, see if there are any updates and if she still has the phone or not. I haven't seen her yet today, and the T-Mobile representative was going to allow her to send the phone in through one of their local stores, so I'll need to wait until later. If she hasn't sent the phone back in yet though, I'll try it and see. Also, I haven't received an email back yet from the Legere email, which usually is a great way at getting a response from them, but they may have called my mother instead, as I included her email. It would be nice if by later someone there helped figure out this issue in some way.
  10. Arysyn

    BlackBerry KEYone

    What is Voice Call Continuity? Is that calling while using data at the same time, such as talking while searching the internet, posting on S4GRU, etc.?
  11. If Sprint densifies their band 41 where it can connect around 85% or more the way it was back when I tried it in Schaumburg, Sprint can easily charge $90 a month or so for the first line as the other national carriers do, and still have it be worth the money. My guess is that eventually these carriers when working to upgrade to 5G will charge $95 monthly for full service. Its possible they may offer cheaper plans that have speed caps, but if people expect to continue getting full resolution unlimited service, prices most likely will start around just under $100 monthly for it.
  12. Arysyn

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Its the button meant for powering off is what I was referring to. As I said, the executive response representative went through this with my mother. By the way, the case is the official Apple leather case, not one from a third party. So, I really doubt that would be an issue. Also, my mother was just here talking with me more in-depth about the phone conversation with the T-Mobile representative earlier. I asked her to tell me what exactly he told her to try, which was everything suggested in this thread so far. Not only did using the button system not work, but it didn't even process to a screen with an Apple logo as the representative asked her to try and see if it would after holding the button a certain way. If anything were different where it didn't sound as everything were tried and done correctly, I might try it myself. Although from the way it sounds, I might not even have the finger dexterity to do so.
  13. I'm having an issue with the iPhone X I got, and as my only option at this point is going to Android, I was looking at the new HTC U11+ which doesn't look like it'll be sold in the US. As Sprint has had a good relationship history with HTC in the past, it would be nice if they could have an exclusive for the device. I would switch to Sprint if they did.