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  1. I have no interest in social media, personally. The only thing I have that could be consider it, is a LinkedIn account, but I got it way before Microsoft bought LinkedIn and made it more social media-like. I may not keep the account if it gets more that way than not. I figure LinkedIn eventually will become more like Facebook.
  2. Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    Seems as the Pixel XL 2 is better for Sprint while the V30 is better for T-Mobile, in terms of frequency availability. I'm still considering either one of them, or possibly ditching emulation on the phone and going full Apple.

    I definitely don't have any issue with how they site looks now, but I'll make a few suggestions that might help make things look easier to view the site for people still preferring it darker. My suggestion would be to have a light black background, not dark black, but a color code similar to what Sprint is using in the top bar of their website where it lists "call to order" and the sign in area, or perhaps the shinier, yet darker black used in the sign-up for Sprint offers box down near to the bottom of the screen. I've seen Sprint using that color alot in their newer stores. Having it as the main background (not the message area background), would give this site a darker, more easier to read feel to the site, while also being more familiar to Sprint. Also for the message bar, perhaps a slightly darker shade of white/light grey that doesn't interfere with the message type, maybe making the message type a pure black #000000 color code would help too.
  4. The great Sprint news posted here lately reminds me of reading S4GRU back in 2014, when talk of network development was back in its prime, already with much of NV having been completed. Its really good for Sprint and their customers to be developing like this at this rate, which will make a major difference in allowing Sprint not only to improve greatly, but also to be able to remain strong on its own without a merger. Yet if Sprint does all this then merges with T-Mobile, then that'll be it for AT&T and Verizon.
  5. I was pretty impressed Google replaced Robert's Nexus 6P for a Pixel for free. That seems like an excellent customer service deal to me.
  6. Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    The issue with service to customers isn't something that is dependant on local vs national. I've done business with big chains that were alot nicer to me and easier to deal with than others that are local and family owned. Likewise, in other situations, vice versa. Having large carrier corporations isn't necessarily going to make it worse for customers than dealing locally. For instance, US Cellular could be considered local/regional, and when I had them several years ago, I had much worse dealings with their customer service than ever from T-Mobile, which of course is a national carrier. In situations with service, and regarding this issue in Maine, what needs to be in place is a better regulatory environment that works. Not necessarily more or less regulations, but ones that actually do what they are suppose to keeping check of the carriers, whether local, regional, or national. Regarding my wanting fewer, more powerful carriers, I never said they should go unregulated and have powers to ban/remove customers, or anything else customer-unfriendly. All I want from these mergers is a system that basically allows these carriers more power over their spectrum, and greater spectrum allotments to serve areas more equally. Again, nothing to do with the current issue being discussed in this thread.
  7. Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    I'm glad ultimately I decided not to go back to Verizon. Otherwise I'd be stuck with 720p resolution paying $30 or $40 more per month than T-Mobile, where I get full HD and even 1440p. Plus, not supporting a company that would do this to their customers in Maine is a reason for me not to be with Verizon. As much I think John Legere can be a jerk, even he wouldn't do this, or if he had to, he'd do alot more for these customers than Verizon would.
  8. That is smart of Sprint to test this around T-Mobile's headquarters!
  9. Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    Then again, they may be abusing their Verizon data, because there are such limited data options there. Not to say that it is a good excuse, but still one nonetheless. Many news articles I've read of areas with limited data service options almost seem to give permission to people in these areas to abuse wireless data, when they write about how the companies are forcing them onto wireless.
  10. Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    Maine doesn't even get very good broadband internet options either. I once considered moving to Maine, checked the internet options in both Bangor and Portland areas, wasn't impressed at all. They really need more high-tech there.
  11. Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    It would be amusing if Verizon were to announce purchasing USCC. That is one company that no matter what cutbacks USCC makes, they never seem to be involved in a merger attempt.

    Thank you, Robert. I'm going to keep aware when posting in the meantime.
  13. Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    Dan, I mean what I'm about to say with respect, no offense intended. This is why cutting customers for any reason isn't necessarily a good thing. Remember the debate from a while back some of us here on S4GRU had regarding cutting customers for data abuse? The problem with allowing that may leak itself into allowing carriers the right to cut customers' service for other reasons, even cutting coverage then doing nothing for them, or possibly picking and choosing which customers the carrier feels deserves refund on device purchases, etc based on remaining monthly payments, leases or whatever. This is why there needs to be some balance between carrier and customer rights, even for issues such as data abuse. Otherwise, carriers very well may get greedier than ever arbitrarily cutting service, coverage, etc. This even makes me understand those who debate me about carrier consolidation issues, which I understand this as a disadvantage to mergers and why there needs to be regulatory consumer protections in place for that, and even now.