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  1. You have nice speeds at plaza colon the only place with b41 in mayaguez but still a lot places without this band and b13.. and i guess the mayority of sprint customers dont have a phone with b13 so thats the thing
  2. Band 13 has a 10 mhz bw while band 25 is 5 mhz, phones should prioritize band 13 .In places like the mall where both frecuency have the same strenght that is not the case
  3. Is there has been a change of plans? Band 13 has been integrate, but no upgrade in the towers. Is this because of the merge? t mobile are already deploying band 71 and they promise will be operational by september.. Any thoughts?
  4. Any news? Havent seen any workers in the west yet...!
  5. Any news...? Some say they are having problems combining the networks..
  6. Well, no changes in the west yet....
  7. Nice..Hope the phone see B4 due to to the merge...
  8. I guess no tower update yet.still testing
  9. Robert7

    [PSA] Sprint begins Band 13 deployment in Puerto Rico

    Agree. Sprint needs B41 and B13 in each site, plus more spectrum in B25
  10. Robert7

    [PSA] Sprint begins Band 13 deployment in Puerto Rico

    Sprint galaxy s6 has band 12 not band 13
  11. Some of the Open Mobile stores are now Boost Mobile. i just visted Mayaguez Town center. they are now Boost Mobile
  12. Fcc chairman Pai to visit PR and US Virgin Islands this week.
  13. This upgrades that are coming are in the category of Lte Adv or Lte Adv Pro.? Massive mimo antennas this year?
  14. Found this : Fcc tweaks PR USVI 600mhz switchover timetable . Broadcasters will be obliged to vacate spectrum as of august 1 2018. Hope Sprint deploy before then..
  15. Well Mayaguez,Hormigueros and Cabo Rojo are running at 100%, they should start the upgrades t in these municipalities
  16. Robert7

    [Teaser] The 9th Galaxy Arrives Early - The Galaxy S9

    In the case of Puerto Rico market, the DL CA, can it uses B13 instead of B26 or we just cant take advantage of this..?
  17. Anybody knows when exactly our devices will see this bandwidth increase?
  18. Robert7

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Edition

    sprint version
  19. Robert7

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Edition

    Check samsung usa sprint s8 active version no mention of lte band 13
  20. If they deploy lte band 13, things will get better