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  1. banananuts87

    Network Vision/LTE - Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands Market

    Did they not inherit band 25 from Open Mobile as well?
  2. 8T8R is coming to Meriden! The site on Paddock Ave. is going tri-band!!!!! if only Sprint did the same for the site in 55 Michael drive in Meriden. It’ll fill a huge hole.
  3. http://www.ct.gov/csc/cwp/view.asp?a=949&Q=247862
  4. I have an iPhone. Using the field test and the numbers are the same. Full bars as usual. The clear tower is a block away from my job.
  5. Still says 2 carriers like before.
  6. Upgraded backhaul in Downtown Meriden (West Main St). Was maxing out at 40Mbps a few days ago on 2 channels. Now 140+!
  7. @Honda @jrabbiit21 so its 2018, and I have a 2017 HR-V. When will I get a retro fit update to get CarPlay?

  8. @CTMQ Kent Falls, Fox Farm.....🤔

  9. @TreeHouseBrewCo I’d kill for a case of double shot

  10. @ShaunKing He’s also a 2x Super Bowl champion and undefeated as a starter.

  11. @WestbrkLobster @outerlightbrews Barrel aged Liberation Propagation 😉

  12. @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/1O0oSxFhE5

  13. @CTMQ The Lobster Roll IPA

  14. @Capcom_UK @CapcomMobile https://t.co/erIXNVOI8y

  15. @JBsportscaster https://t.co/edkLVVHvDQ