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  1. I am happy on the framily plan once they fix my bills ill be happy with it. I am not happy with the network but that is another story. I have no way to do a 2 year upgrade since i gave them all up to be on the new plan. But when a sprint reps makes a post that because best buy is getting framily that means upgrades are going away. Again i have no reason to care if they do or not. I just know if a conference call was made to 100's of sprint reps that this was going to happen you and me both know there would be rumors of it in the net and at this time there are none. Sprint reps make no money on upgrades so i respect that they want this to happen but the fact remains that everyone you talk to besides the reps on here say that both will be around for a long time both 2 year upgrades and framily. this gives people a choice of either contract or no contract. Unless there is a press release or a legit source stating contracts are going away with sprint on such and such date it is a rumor. Time will tell but just because Best buy is expanding to carry the framily plan and also offer the other payment option does not mean contracts are going away it means they are expanding there business
  2. Make sure you tell the sprint rep on here that you also will be offering upgrades as well as the my way plan which is what the manager here told me they would be able to do. He seems to think best buy will not offer upgrades but the my way plan is still there and not going away soon
  3. And what would that be? that they are also going to offer it? Like i have told you in other threads before they get removed is your rumor is just that. If there was some huge conference call there would be a leak that subsidy is going away in full. So again tell me why best buy getting easy pay framily as well makes a difference? I asked the lead manager at ouR best buy the other day and she said they will be able to offer it and also OFFER UPGRADES AS WELL JUST MORE TO OFFER.
  4. I would make a post on this subject again but it would get taken down for speaking the truth so why bother right?
  5. As the reps told me they still sell the everything my way plan which has a contract and sprint has no intention on pulling that plan. If they only offered the Framily plan that would be different but there is nothing in the memo's about the everything my way plans going away. They may stop down the road offering the plans but nobody will be made to leave there plan for framily. Think about it someone has a 4 line ed 1500 plan with contracts etc and sprint says sorry no more contracts you need to move to framily plan. Those people for the most part would say screw it and leave. Many people like the contract and pay a little more and sprint can't afford to lose millions more of people due to making them switch to the framily. At the most they will let those on the ED1500 and ETMY plans stay there and renew and just not push those plans but from what we have seen there is no intention t do away with them. Check the ops post in this thread it spells it out very easy. If there was a legit rumor of them doing this it would have leaked out end of story!
  6. Well when i rad a few reps on here who said this would end come March or 1 said they have 100% confirmed by April i still took it with a grain of salt. You do not see them post in this thread cause what they said did not happen as of now. But i did drop my ED1500 plan for a few reasons but not because some reps at sprint said the end was coming. Always take what a rep says with a grain of salt. Anyway again i spoke with a higher up rep at sprint in sales and marketing and again was told they are leaning people toward the Framily plans but contract plans are going nowhere. If you need proof just go sign up for a everything my way plan and get locked into a 2 year contract now. They are still selling those plans and if they were trying to really do away with those then that plan would NOT be around still to sign you up for new contracts. So those saying when the S5 comes out they will pull the plug i call BS cause they would not be locking people into new contracts now then a month from now yank them out.
  7. haha no not really just a pain to get it done. I mean it is really hard when a account manager tells you to wait and the credits will come rather then her just fix it. They must have been told to not do them over the phone or something cause she did admit i was right but used the excuse the system will fix it for you. I have no doubt the system will get fixed but i doubt they go back to bills that have printed and are due now and fix them. I mean if someone goes ahead and pays there bill now if it is due in a week or so i doubt sprint is going to go in older bills and just give you the credit. As its been stated you just have to hang up and keep calling till you get someone who either knows what is going on or at least like mine last night noted my account if it is not fixed in the next 10 days for me to call back.
  8. thanks Rocket for the post of the picture cause i read the whole thing to her word for word where it says to manually give the credit but she still would not do it.she said it it is not fixed by 2 days before i pay my bill to call up and reference the # i gave her. She still claims they were told not to credit yet cause the system is going to credit it soon and i would double dip by having her do it and the system lol So she did note my account if not done in a week or 10 days to call up and reference her number and they will do it. I still think she was being lazy
  9. Well after the 4th call today i talked to someone finally who had a little clue lol but she STILL WOULD NOT CREDIT ME she said they are aware of it and that bills will correct over the next week. Well i doubt 99% my bill which printed is going to by some magic change and drop $270 for 9 lines. I mean what if i paid today? then i guess it would be a credit. But as i always do i have them note my account and the lady gave me a reference number to her note she put in my account. I always have them note my account cause if it is not noted then it never happened. Anyway anyone really believe this will change by its self? Jan 17-Feb 16-Non-Prorated Charges (941) XXX XXXX Sprint Framily Plan - Unlimited Talk & Text $0.00 Sprint Framily Plan MRC $55.00 Framily Discount -$30.00 1GB 3G/4G Data $0.00 ======================================================================== Feb 17-Mar 16-New Single Plan (941) xxx xxxx Sprint Framily Plan - Unlimited Talk & Text $0.00 Sprint Framily Plan MRC $55.00 Minutes - NIGHTS STARTING AT 6PM $0.00 1GB 3G/4G Data $0.00 As you can see 1 month is fine of the bill but the other is not. Anyone really think i am going to see this change without them doing it manually? i think she was just being lazy cause she used the excuse that she was told not to issue the credit cause then the system will and ill get double -30 lol yeah okay i have swamp to sell too
  10. I expect it from a customer service rep. I know many of them are not up to speed but we are talking about calling account services which is the last place before you leave then talk to a manager and that person tells you to hang up and in 30 minutes a Lead account supervisor will get back to you in 30 minutes. Its not about the $30 credit i can see them getting that wrong. But this guy had the nerve to tell me there is noway you are getting 9 lines at $25 each that it goes 55 50 45 40 35 30 then 25 for lines 7-10 (only) and when i told him he was wrong he told me let me let me read it to you. He even got smart about it and he was a lead who must live in the north pole to say to me how can you think you are going to get 9 lines of service at $25 per
  11. The problem with my local stores they do not do billing LOL they will sell you a phone even fix but if you mention billing they say call *2
  12. They can delete it if they want but everything i said was true. How can a last in line account manager the person who is the lead of that department be that clueless?H It is the guy you get switched to when the account manager can't fix your problem. He is the supposed last in line guy.,
  13. I must say today on the phone with sprint was the worst. I had a hard time getting them to credit me the 30 on each line that was charged $55. I was nice about it at 1st but the lady refused to fix it and said she will escalate it to a super! will this took the cake. 30 minutes later he called me and said you have a issue with your bill? and i explained how my lines should only be billed $25 a month cause i have 9 lines of service. He then got smart and read me the plan about $55 for the 1st line then $50 for the second line $45 for the 3rd etc etc etc. He then had the nerve to tell me that only lines 7-10 get $25 the rest of the lines have to pay 55 50 45 40 35 HE EVEN HAD THE NERVE TO SAY HOW COULD I EXPECT TO GET 9 LINES OF SERVICE FOR 25 EACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wELL I TOLD HIM I WAS GLAD THE CALL WAS RECORDED cause i went off on him. He was being a smart ass at 1st but then was so totally clueless. PLEASE i really need to work there. I am so tired of knowing more about sprint then even lead account managers there. Can you imagine him tell me only lines 7-10 get it for $25 the rest will have to pay 55 45 40 etc. I told him what if all 9 of us were alone who would decide who pays 55 and who pays 25? he then said it would go by who signed up 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that the people who sign up 7-10 are the ones who get it for $25 I FINALLY ENDED THE CALL WITH IF THIS IS REALLY RECORED please take this guys job as being a esculation manager cause he does not deserve it and i hung up and called back. Sprint wants to know why people who have been with them for 14 years leave? all you got to do is talk to this account manager who is lucky to have a high paying job and be clueless at the same time. They can delete this anytime they want but there was nothing in this that was a lie or a reach.; This was a lead account manager who calls you back 30 minutes later. He should know at least as much as me. If it was a account rep that is 1 thing but not a esculation manager who calls you when all else fails.
  14. Umm i have been on the same plan for 13 years plus and it was never ahead when i got my bill each month it was for past service Like last months bill was from dec 16 to jan 17th and the bill date was jan 20th and had to be paid by like the 5th of Dec so do not tell me its all billed ahead cause mine was never billed ahead or there would be no need for when my plan changed to bill me ahead DUH i mean if i was billed ahead from the past 13 years i would not have had to be billed ahead now its just common sense.
  15. Oh i am not worried about it i will call tomorrow when the weekday people work not the weekend know nothings. That really is no issue as ill get it taken care of but this billing me 1 month ahead is not to my liking. I had no idea my 1st bill will be almost 2x what i thought cause of ahead billing. So i do not plan to leave sprint so i would always be paid ahead when i was just always paid up. I mean i am still on contract and when i switched to this plan nothing was ever made about this to me. Cable does this crap but a place i have been with for 14 years now wants to charge me a month ahead is not what i like.
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