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  1. When I called Sprint I was told it was a nation wide interruption.
  2. Things seem to have come to a dead stop here in St. Pete.
  3. Today I've noticed that my s5 stayed on b41 or b26 all day in St. Pete. But I also noticed in some area's I got some pretty slow download speeds. I would kinda like to see a 8t8r deployment running list like with the lte running list.
  4. On 16 ave n. And 2400 block I got 77 megs down. And on 30 ave n. And mlk I got 60 megs down.
  5. I live in st. Pete and have found quite a bit of b26. Its been getting better every day it seems. My fastest download speeds so far are better than 76 megs down. (Obviously a lot higher than average).
  6. I'm glad I stuck with sprint.
  7. Does anyone know about how much longer it will take them to finish the band 26 work?
  8. I ran 2 speed test on 30th Ave N and MLK in St. Pete on my s5. I got just over 66 megs down on my first test, and over 56 megs down on my second. I ran the test on sensorly. Love my s5.
  9. Look like I have a little more reading to do. But I do know its going to cost me $199. with a new contract. A bit more than the g2 or nexus5.
  10. I just read that Sprint is coming out with a triband gs4 in a week or two. I think that's gonna be my next phone.
  11. I'm actually out of contract now so I'm a little gun shy on which phone to get. Has Sprint put out the spark update on either phone yet? I think that might be my deciding factor.
  12. I am on the bubble between the Nexus5 and the g2.
  13. Has anyone been using spark yet?
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