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  1. Nono. Haha i want my phone to be on 41 of course! But i thought changing priority will make things better
  2. Okay. Thanks. My phone stays connected to 41 at work all day.
  3. Do you guys know how to obtain msl code for lg g3? The lte priority is set as 25 1st, 26 2nd and 41 3rd. In order to change i need msl code. The app worked for my note 2 but not for my g3.
  4. thank you. i thought there was something wrong with my phone.
  5. when these triband phones are on LTE, how do you get calls and texts? Also when I get calls, LTE disappears, unlike galaxy note 2. on note 2, you still had LTE when i was on the phone call.
  6. just want to share. I got a new phone, LG G3. it seems to be prioritizing band 41. it bounces between 41 and 25 and sometimes 26 when i am deep inside the building, but primarily on band 41. Overall, I am very impressed with the service and also the phone! it is a amazing phone. it has problem with signalcheck pro app. when connected to LTE, 1xRRT or 1x800 signal doesnt work. I rely on the sprint engineer screen ##debug#. whoever going to upgrade anytime soon, definitely check this phone out guys.
  7. i guess depends on the area (town) you live in. it say "in your area"
  8. this is exact reason why I do think this forum is a bit biased against other carriers. We all have sprint and looking forward to have best service across the board and sprint has the good long run plan ahead. But if you have used other carrier's data plan in NYC, you would have noticed how far back sprint is in terms of LTE coverage and speed. I have experience the worst coverage and service in 2013, and if you guys are still happy with it, I am speechless.
  9. Looking in as a third person, Sprint is the worst carrier in the NYC as of now. I advise against anyone to switch to sprint at this point. things might change in the future, but AS OF NOW, sprint is the worst carrier in NYC without any hesitation.
  10. SHIT!!!!! SPRINT STEPPING UP! well, highest I got on my NOTE 2 was 33mbps.
  11. sprint is considering a re-release of galaxy s4 with triband capability.
  12. haha yea. they were losing so bad my buddy and I left the game early.
  13. yea i get you. I was at Citi Field for a mets game and absolutely terrible 3g and 4g.
  14. awesome news but i am more interested in band 41 though.
  15. now i have full bar of 4G with 20 down at work. Finally. I think current sprint LTE coverage is around wimax coverage. I am pretty impressed. ever since softbank took over, LTE seems to be improving faster.
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