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  1. Has anyone gotten the actual OTA update, not just the update zip from google? I'm really looking forward to getting this update soon
  2. Yess! Finally San Diego getting 4G LTE

  3. I got a notification this morning on my Galaxy s3 on sprint zone that the new enhanced network is coming to your area.. I can post a screenshot if you need one.
  4. I was going by Mast today and on Halberns there were people working on towers at Carlton Hills Lutheran Church.. It seemed they were working on a tower and from earlier knowledge, it is a Sprint tower. Can anyone confirm this??
  5. Carl Burger Dodge also has 4G. Mapping it right now.
  6. So, I was definitely on LTE yesterday, but it hasn't showed up on my usage. When I got it up in LA, it showed up automatically.
  7. Just showed up on sensorly. Cuyamaca street
  8. I just got 4G at Cuyamaca Animal Hospital in Santee. I am currently mapping on Sensorly.
  9. Even Zooming in under the LTE topic i can't see any.
  10. On, Sensorly, I'm not seeing any of these spots for the LTE side. Are they on the WIMAX one?
  11. Oh. Never noticed that it updated that fast.
  12. I'm not positive about this, but I think that they check it like weekly or something.
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