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  1. My suffering finally stopped just switched to T mobile and got a new s5 with it and i'm telling you that T mobile service is very very good i know sprint is good where the updates are but where there aren't its bad and inconsistent i got fed up and now im having fun with very good service everywhere i go.
  2. So the iphone 5 supports 800 mhz lte? are u sure?
  3. Its getting there but very very slowly i dont know what is happening my service is still bad but i have some places that are gettig better and each time closer to my house.
  4. Know Tmobile has more markets than sprint covered or am i wrong? http://www.gottabemobile.com/2013/07/10/t-mobile-4g-lte-now-live-in-116-metro-markets/
  5. What do u mean by "DC is Sprints second home town"?
  6. Do you think it will be solved any time soon?
  7. Hello, My question is first of all the sprint-softbank deal is almost complete right and will happen? Because Dish stopped bidding for sprint. And also if Softbank will help network vision to be completed faster? I also heard that the owner of Softbank wants sprint to be the No1 provider of the USA do u think that will happen? Thank you and sorry for bad english im new in the USA and have sprint =)
  8. Robert why is this market dead? LTE rollout is slow compared to New York, Chicago and SF.
  9. I mean if like know sprint has 88 markets will T-mobile catch up because they have 7 know. I they will catch our number of markets and coverage
  10. Will T-mobile LTE coverage catch up with sprint? and att?
  11. Just found LTE in germantown where Chicken fila is i couldn't do any speed tests cause i saw it when i was leaving so i couldnt see how fast it was and also i have an iPhone and cant map.
  12. Hello i live in DC and we are in the process of getting network vision implemented. And i have some questions: 1. Is network vision really that good?(faster speeds, more coverage etc..) 2.Is indoor coverage better? 3.Stronger signal strength? 4.Internet speeds faster? 5.3G really that much better? In general is it really that much of a difference? Thank you and sorry for the bad english not my first language.
  13. Every time i see in the sponsors map the 3g compkletes i see that dc is almost done 3g wize should anywhere u go have good speed? i dont live in central dc and never go cause i cant im only 16 and cant drive so i just want to know in general does it go over 2mbps?
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