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  1. Holy crap, go Nokia:

    Nokia touted a new lab achievement over Sprint’s 2.5 GHz spectrum that boosted 5G capacity by up to four times through a software upgrade.


    The test included a software upgrade of E-UTRAN New Radio – Dual Connectivity (EN-DC) and Multi-User-MIMO (MU-MIMO) using Sprint’s mid-band 5G spectrum and Nokia’s AirScale solution to deliver 3 Gbps total downlink cell throughput, in what Nokia called a first.

    It showcased Nokia’s AirScale Dual Mode Massive MIMO for 5G and LTE, using a single radio unit for both LTE and 5G. The test also tapped commercial hotspot devices. Nokia said once its service is commercially available operators will be able to “vastly increase” network capacity through software updates to the base station, without the need to invest in more spectrum or require site visits to swap out hardware or transport.


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  2. 35 minutes ago, Cardsfan96 said:

    Anyone have any idea why my phone still won’t roam onto band 71? In the area I am I’m only connecting to band 66/2. Then I drop to uscc 3g. I don’t get it. I have an iPhone XS and a little over a year ago when they first enabled T-Mobile roaming I was able to connect to it and it worked great. I was hoping this expanded roaming would enable that again but it doesn’t look to be the case for me.

    Have a little patience. They will turn on roaming on April 1st.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Brad The Beast said:

    Verizon has much better site density though and they only do ok. New T-Mobile still won't quite have the site density that VZW does and they'll be working about the same amount of low band. They need to buy Dish's 600. Do we know what Dish's 5G NR plan is?

    At the end of 3 years, T-Mobile will have about 85,000 sites, the same amount of Verizon & AT&T.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Brad The Beast said:

    How are you supposed to compete with VZW and AT&T when you don't have any usable lowband? Isn't that like the whole point of this merger?

    Verizon only has 10x10 band 5 and 10x10 band 13. They do OK. T-Mobile will have 10x10Mhz band 71 (more in some markets, 5x5 Band 12 and 5x5 MHz band 26.

  5. 6 minutes ago, Brad The Beast said:

    Well what good does that do them when they start moving Sprint customers over after the 60 days? They will have no usable lowband which will result in lots of lost customers because no one can use their phones indoors. 

    They Have 600Mhz, 700Mhz and 800Mhz. Plus two networks of 65,000+45,000 sites plus god knows how many small cells.

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Brad The Beast said:

    Man the new T-Mobile is going to have no usable lowband unless they get some 600 from Dish and they don't waste it on N600. 

    They did some 600MHz from some other spectrum holders such as Comcast and Dish but only in markets where it can be quickly deployed because some of the markets might not be cleared off. 

    "Bluewater, Channel 51, Comcast, DISH, Grain Management affiliate NewLevel, LLC, LB Holdings and Omega Wireless, LLC in the markets where it can be quickly deployed."


  7. 4 minutes ago, ingenium said:

    I think part of the agreement is that New T-Mobile is required to host B26 for several years. So they can't just take it down or reduce the footprint. Until they have MMIMO units on all sites, I don't see why they wouldn't keep using the triband antennas. I guess it depends how they perform on B2/25 relative to what T-Mobile is using now, but they can definitely keep doing B26 and B41 on them. Possibly put HSPA on B2 on the triband if their current antennas have any sort of power limitations or something running both LTE and HSPA together.

    Also, having separate B41 and N41 might be advantageous. Current MMIMO units have BW limitations and I don't think they can use the full 160 MHz of B41 (possibly soon to be more if the auction goes through). Or at least they can't in dual mode with full MIMO (N41 drops to 32t32r from 64t64r). So they'd be better off doing 100-120 MHz of NR on a MMIMO unit, and 40-60 MHz B41 on current antennas.

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    Yes I know they are supposed to host B26 for at least 3 years. If they are only hosting B26 on a Sprint site because B25 and B41 is served by a Tmobile site then they will probably move the B26 equipment to the T-mobile site. 

    Is the bandwidth limitation on M-MIMO a function of the backhaul bandwidth, the enodeB/NnodeB or the RRH? Or maybe the vendors?

    Also they probably don't need M-MIMO on every site they could probably reuse 8x8 RRH/antennas on more rural sites.

  8. 3 minutes ago, ingenium said:

    New T-Mobile will be hosting it for a while, so my guess is they will just leave it all in place on colocated or existing Sprint sites that they keep, and put it on the T-Mobile core like B41 equipment (and shutoff 1x800 at the same time). I somewhat doubt they'll deploy it on new sites. Or at the very least they won't purchase more equipment, and would just reuse what they have from decommissioned Sprint sites. It does give them added low band capacity that they can use, so why not use it while they can if they already have the equipment.

    Presumably then Dish will purchase the equipment from New T-Mobile. And then I guess they'd move it to their own rack on the tower eventually? Unless Dish decides to move B26 to NR only and replace it all.

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    So the only ports on an tri-band Sprint RRHs that will be used will be the 800Mhz ports. I would not move them over to T-Mobile racks and then have to take them down 2-3 years later. Leave them on the Sprint racks until they are taken down or taken over by Dish.

    Now Dish has 600MHz spectrum, 700MHz Block E and 800Mhz I am not sure they want to deal with all of those different lower frequencies and the expensive antennas and RRHs. They might want to simplify their lower frequency spectrum holdings. I personally think Sprint/Dish 800Mhz spectrum should be sold, auctioned off to the cellular (850Mhz) spectrum holders and let the resulting spectrum be rationalized to form two 15Mhzx15Mhz channels with couple of MHz left over for guard bands. 


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  9. T-Mobile will probably be adding M-MIMO Band 41 RRH/antennas to all of their sites and all the Sprint sites they are keeping as soon as they can. If as Milan has intimated the combined PCS spectrum hosting is a matter of configuration that can be done remotely the only question is the 800Mhz spectrum. I know that the agreement with Dish gives Dish the option of purchasing it or not with penalties if they don't, I wonder if that time frame might not be accelerated a bit. 

  10. 46 minutes ago, chamb said:

    I might question this statement at least slightly.  My question is:   if t-mobile subscribers are given access to Sprints PCS sites, will the T-mobile VOLTE work?    If Sprint subscribers are given full access to T-Mobiles Band 2, will Sprint's VOLTE work?  Maybe it will, but I would question it.  Also, adding Sprint's band 25 channels to a T-mobile site could even require more radios at some sites.

    I just have  a gut feeling that some locations may be easy to deal with, but others may not.

    No need for more radios to accommodate more PCS spectrum.

  11. Dish is letting T-Mobile use its 600Mhz free of charge for the next 60 days.

    Dish Network announced that it is providing its entire portfolio of 600 MHz spectrum to T-Mobile at no cost for 60 days in order to bolster wireless capacity during the coronavirus pandemic. A Dish spokesperson said the additional spectrum would help T-Mobile add extra capacity in its existing footprint.


    And she added that Dish has 600 MHz spectrum in every partial economic area (PEA) in the United States. PEAs are areas that the FCC has designated to handle its spectrum auctions.

    Ookla analyst Milan Milanovic said in order for T-Mobile to quickly tap this spectrum, “It would only require over-the-air reconfiguration, which would widen the existing 600 MHz channels in T-Mobile's network. This could be done late nights. This is assuming that Dish's spectrum licenses have been cleared.”


    Now that last little tidbit means that the Tmobile+Sprint PCS spectrum can be reconfigured remotely for each and every T-Mobile site + the Sprint sites they will keep. They can do that rather quickly.

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