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  1. As someone has stated in the Tucson yuma market thread, sprint has phoenix and tucson yuma ect listed as 4g covered
  2. The good thing is that tucson proper is above 50% completion, so now it's a matter of filling in gaps
  3. i dont have a tower id but i was at chic fil a last night and i got this (at el con mall) very slick http://postimg.org/image/om6i6vgz3/
  4. Crew at Broadway and Randolph way with crane hoisting new panels with Crew on ground cabinets open
  5. I can confirm lte all around broadway from park place to just about alvernon
  6. according to sprints official map, yuma has 4g lte launched.
  7. I'm on an iPhone 5s no sensorly or screen shots bit I got 7mbps down and 1.2 up at broadway and craycroft at the target right now at 952 confirmed on 2 iPhones
  8. In driving and going to map where I posted a few days ago the4g is back up so imma go with my bud and we will both go mapping
  9. Correct I mapped around drexel park to spectrum plaza around that area dark coverage so I think they're toying with a new tower
  10. It is band 26 aka 800mhz 4g LTE correct? Have we had any of that flavor of 4g in Tucson yet?
  11. I have gotten 4g if you head west past i19 But never east of i19
  12. http://postimg.org/image/boh6250bp/ Sorry I thought I included this can someone confirm if this is a new tower? I know this tower near me was supposed to be completed sooner rather than later
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