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  1. Thank you for the reply. So if its supposed to start work this winter, would that mean maybe next winter I'd have 4g. Just wondering if start work means planning or actually installing equipment.
  2. Sorry, meant 3rd round in Tucson. Looking at the 2nd round data and completion in Oct 2013 and 3rd round just being TBD does that mean it may be Oct 2014 before Tucson could have 4gLTE. I could never wait that long for 4gLTE
  3. Sorry if this is a dumb question. I just found this site and saw 4gLTE in Tucson scheduled for the 2nd round. Just curious is there's any more detailed info on that. I've dealt with Sprint for 2yrs on my EVO and at work I only get one bar and the same at home. If I am doing something with my hands and hold the phone on my shoulder it will drop the call. My contract is over in December and I'm all ready to take my 2 lines over to Verizon (everyone here at work on it get awesome 4g speeds and they have 4g at my house. Customer service told me that sometime in 2013 Tucson and the w
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