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  1. I entered to win a GearVR and support @extralife4kids and @mrjoesterne! Donate: https://t.co/lIbMqBXEmP https://t.co/vwfU8Q2ay4 #giveaway

  2. Only one more towers to have LTE on it in Cape Coral and it's the one closest to my house. go figure.
  3. I thought it's about time to dust off this thread so, today I saw a crew working on the tower off of veterans parkway today, in Cape Coral. Hopefully it won't take to long to flip the switch.
  4. Mine is too, but the one on pine island is not quite close enough for me to pick it up at home. I'm waiting for the one near oasis to turn on then I'll be able to have lte at home.
  5. Another tower got turned on in the north end of cape coral yesterday. Now both of the ones on Pine Island Rd. Are live.
  6. I used signal check pro. I got a notification signal and I thought it was my phone connecting to LTE.
  7. This morning I connected to 800mhz very briefly, in of all places Fort Myers, Fl.
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