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  1. Anyone know how Open World performs in Costa Rica. I have a note 5 compatible with the 1800 gprs, which I know is going to be super slow. I mainly am just hoping to have enough data to use maps from apps like Waze to navigate while there. Any experiences in Costa Rica with Open World?
  2. Anyone know if there is or will be an RRPP parter in North Georgia specifically in Clayton, GA (Rabun County)? I see there is a carrier that appears to be more Central GA called PS Data Wireless but that seems to be it. Didn't know if anyone knew anything else. Also, are all of these RRPP partners providing just data, or will there be voice as well?
  3. I only see the Pro version on the play store. I would like to try it out. Where is the free one?
  4. Is the signal check app on the Play Store by Blue Line computing?
  5. What you are saying makes sense. But what would be different about the Evo that is giving better results? I mean I can see why calls might drop by switching between 800 and 1900. Does the Evo just connect through one of these and not both, therefore no handoff resulting in lost call?
  6. I have a friend that upgraded from an original htc evo to a galaxy s3. When you look at the coverage map it shows that he is on fair coverage but really close to "good" coverage. He said his Evo worked just fine at home but his s3 will continually drop calls and does not have enough signal strength. Is there a difference between the frequencies that these two devices operate on and the signal strength that either is able to pull? Any thoughts would be helpful.
  7. Isn't the new Evo supposed to have both 1900 and 800 LTE? http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_evo_4g_lte-4665.php
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