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  1. I'll share my magic box experience. First got the magic box last winter for use in the Birmingham area. It connected to band 25 but provided consistent 20 to 30 mb downloads. Recently moved to Atlanta suburbs and plugged in the magic box, and it connected to a weak band 41 signal (-118 db with poor SINR). Speeds now are terrible, 1 mb to as high as 4 or 5 mb. Very disappointed.
  2. Soon to be new to the Birmingham market. Currently live in an LTE Plus market with Band 41 2 and 3 carrier aggregation. In my limited time so far around Birmingham, I've not had any B41, little B26 and mostly B25 including 2nd carrier. Speeds weren't bad, 15mb to 20mb daytime. Does anyone know of any timetable for B41 in Birmingham. Thanks.
  3. I'm afraid that is not the case. We have 4 towers in my town, 3 with band 41. No addresses here qualify. Is tied to available band 41 spectrum? They're rolling out the 3rd band 41 carrier here, so would it mean that a 4th is not available for a magic box carrier?
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