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  1. RT @KevinHarvick: Summer = the need for new sunglasses. RT to win a pair of @wileyx glasses. 1 random RT wins in 4hrs. #WinitWednesday http…

  2. Well, I was hoping they warmer weather would lead to more accepted sites through out the area. Currently in Verona, and I see a blimp of LTE, but still can't make phone calls, and data is horrible at best. Looking at my signal via signalcheck pro, I am on 1x800...hmmmm...
  3. I'm in the running for a free Nexus 5 from @Pocketnow & @dbrandSkins! You can be too - all it takes is a tweet: http://t.co/4XhB1NMRzx

  4. Well, Madison has been officially announced that they have LTE. http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/12/16/sprint-expands-4g-lte-availability-to-70-new-locations-bringing-overall-coverage-up-to-300-markets-nationwide/
  5. Robot Handjobs Are The Future, And The Future Is Coming: http://t.co/rF0kPn3HmL @joerogan you r such a visionary


    http://t.co/O8MWQrNyoe maybe he should play 4 the broncos, at least he would not have been busted! @HIGH_TIMES_Mag


  7. Check out my Ookla Speedtest result. What's your speed? http://t.co/Ex5qzNLUAh @mmark27

  8. One of the screen shots was from Dairy Lane in Verona. I will be out there this afternoon, and I will see if I get some LTE.
  9. Just got back from Platteville. Screen shots of some new points I saw around Verona. Still no LTE, but a good strong 800 signal.
  10. Sun Prairie is broadcasting LTE. The speed is horrible, but it's 800 and LTE.
  11. I still have the 800 signal on the west side. I did not have enough coffee in me this morning remember to turn on my GPS while I was trying to map via sensorly. Won't make that mistake again. I have to head to Platteville this afternoon, so not much mapping will be coming from me until I get back into the Mt. Horeb area. But I will be checking out Verona to see if there's anything there.
  12. 800 signal off of the Tokey Blvd Tower....like I said before: Pictures or it did not happen Of course, I have no real data connection here...but hopefully seeing this, I will get some LTE this afternoon....cause well, no signal here sucks!
  13. That's about what I got in the Store. I was shocked when my phone vibrated, I showed the employees and they thought I was kidding, until they looked at their phones...
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