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  2. Well, I was hoping they warmer weather would lead to more accepted sites through out the area. Currently in Verona, and I see a blimp of LTE, but still can't make phone calls, and data is horrible at best. Looking at my signal via signalcheck pro, I am on 1x800...hmmmm...
  3. I'm in the running for a free Nexus 5 from @Pocketnow & @dbrandSkins! You can be too - all it takes is a tweet: http://t.co/4XhB1NMRzx

  4. Well, Madison has been officially announced that they have LTE. http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/12/16/sprint-expands-4g-lte-availability-to-70-new-locations-bringing-overall-coverage-up-to-300-markets-nationwide/
  5. Robot Handjobs Are The Future, And The Future Is Coming: http://t.co/rF0kPn3HmL @joerogan you r such a visionary


    http://t.co/O8MWQrNyoe maybe he should play 4 the broncos, at least he would not have been busted! @HIGH_TIMES_Mag


  7. Check out my Ookla Speedtest result. What's your speed? http://t.co/Ex5qzNLUAh @mmark27

  8. One of the screen shots was from Dairy Lane in Verona. I will be out there this afternoon, and I will see if I get some LTE.
  9. Just got back from Platteville. Screen shots of some new points I saw around Verona. Still no LTE, but a good strong 800 signal.
  10. Sun Prairie is broadcasting LTE. The speed is horrible, but it's 800 and LTE.
  11. I still have the 800 signal on the west side. I did not have enough coffee in me this morning remember to turn on my GPS while I was trying to map via sensorly. Won't make that mistake again. I have to head to Platteville this afternoon, so not much mapping will be coming from me until I get back into the Mt. Horeb area. But I will be checking out Verona to see if there's anything there.
  12. 800 signal off of the Tokey Blvd Tower....like I said before: Pictures or it did not happen Of course, I have no real data connection here...but hopefully seeing this, I will get some LTE this afternoon....cause well, no signal here sucks!
  13. That's about what I got in the Store. I was shocked when my phone vibrated, I showed the employees and they thought I was kidding, until they looked at their phones...
  14. Okay, LTE is being tested In Madison. Pictures to prove it. All taken today. One around 7:00 pm was inside the sprint store on the east side of Madison.
  15. Mark, I'm not in Madison today. I can look tomorrow. I'm in Verona right now, and I'm not seeing anything different from little to no signal here.
  16. I'm wondering if you are getting the 800 from the Sun Prairie tower. I got nothing this morning on my commute into Madison. I actually lost signal on 151 south in that area. I don't know how the whole tower ID # works though...so it might be the park bank tower...who knows
  17. Another call, this time it was Tech support calling me back. According to that representative, all towers in the Madison area are in the upgrade status (which we know). She said that the ticket she was looking at was scheduled to be completed in Feb of 2014. I hope it will be faster than that.....
  18. Well well well, look at what I grabbed. I am on the west side of Madison in the research park area.
  19. I had to call Sprint today because I was not getting any signal at work. The person I talked to said that they are in the process of testing the towers in the Milwaukee area, and that everything should be done by the end of the year. It took a bit to get that information out of the rep (basically she wanted me to do the network update, update PRL, ect) but when I said that I've done that a number of times, she went into my account and saw that the network vision is being completed in the area. I take that with a grain of salt, but if the reps are finally saying that outright, it might be actually coming true....
  20. I got 1x800 reading in Sun Prairie, but looking at the tower information from singal pro, it said that the tower was in waterloo. I was in the parking lot of Woodman's when I saw this.
  21. Wow, things are so horrible in the Madison Wi area that @sprintcare won't respond...

  22. Blah, sorry about that...kinda hard to do on my phone:
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