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  1. That's what I need to do, and I THINK I figured it out. 1. Adding a line to my account, and then porting my current Sprint # over to GV 2 Add the new number to the phones that GV rings 3.Set up my phone to use my Google Voice number when making outgoing calls(! SPRINT told me about this!): https://support.google.com/voice/answer/3379129?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&oco=1&vid=0-1032765751057-1524502956417 The only question if there is a way to have Google Messages, or find another MMS app, that would use my Google Voice number as default. P.S.: I'm not
  2. buyhevs

    Z2 Force

    My Moto X Pure's USB port BURNED OUT (using a Motorola, albeit non-Turbocharging charger) in December, and MotoCare replaced it with a seemingly new Moto Z2 Force. I SWORE I wouldn't fall for the Mods, seeing as I own TWO Moto Lapdocks (which are still being used a student project dummy terminal AND a "travel" second monitor for myself); but seeing as a $750 phone fell in my lap in February, I now own the following mods: Amazon Alexa, projector, Incipio extended battery w/ wireless charging, wireless charging fabric shell, and a Moto folio (wallet) on order. ANYWAY, I love the phone.
  3. Any suggestion of what I should do? I've had this # since joining Sprint in 2002, and have really appreciated GV carrier-integration. For example: Not that minutes seem to be a problem for anyone nowadays; but I've been holding onto my Everything Data 450 (minutes) plan since I got it in 2007, and with GV never seem to use more than 10 minutes/month. So now it seems like I have to port my Google Voice Sprint number over to Google Voice completely, and get a new Sprint number. I'll have carry-over functionality like keeping all of my old texts, and being able to have GV ring my desk an
  4. @nexuss4g PLEASE let us know how Nougat goes. The Lollipop update made my 1st Gen Moto X much less enjoyable (WiFi and BT drop outs). I'm going to hold out as long as possible before mistakenly accepting the update. I wonder if I should go back to the clean update that I gleamed I should do on the above mentioned Gen ! update.
  5. Hi all, After lurking on/off on S4GRU; I powered thru this MXP thread*, but I still have a question: there was a truck driver abive that couldn't get his to roam domestically; so I was concerned that this was isolated, or systemic to Moto X Pures? I travel somewhat, and love the fact that I've been able to CDMA, and sometimes LTE, roam with my Photon and Moto X 2013! Thanks in advance, Matthew *Love my Moto X 2013; and before I jump to a Pixel (2), I figured I could hold onto the Moto Voice functions/Hint fast awake, AND "test drive" a phablet tecide whether I can dea
  6. Sprint released this earlier this week (http://newsroom.sprint.com/news-releases/4glte-launchedmarkets.htm?previousArticle=11315&nextArticle=11314&gotoArt=%2Fnews-releases%2F4glte-launchedmarkets.htm), and Detroit is listed has having LTE launch!?!? I checked with the Sprint Store closest to where I would want/need 4G (the gym); and they had not received official notification that the network was officially on, plus the demo phones there were exceeding slow on 4G (I recognize that there are some towers that are lit up in the area). Now, I understand that Sprint is going to push LT
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