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  1. Has this been cross posted to the general forum since some may not go to the iOS one? (Saying that because I am not sure Tapatalk users would see the main page link.)
  2. Is there a site similar to S4GRU for t-mobile? If the merger were to actually happen in the future, I’d love to know where the nearest towers are to see if things would be different. I doubt it as the death star was horrible here and I figure they wouldn’t have built out a rural area.
  3. I keep a few phones around because of work and such. One of them is an iPhone 6. I was a bit hesitant but it was fine. The first few days of it are a bit sluggish as things index and so on. I'd give it a shot if I were you but if you want to be extra cautious wait for a 11.xx update. Personally I like the changes and find it much nicer overall. So seriously thinking about getting a new one for myself. A 7 I use often is fine as well, which we'd expect of course.
  4. I've seen some that take a while, Droid or iPhone alike. Try airplane mode on and off a few times or restart the phone. Wouldn't hurt to do PRL updates or whatnot. For the stubborn devices I've seen, airplane mode has done the trick.
  5. Slightly off topic, do premier sponsors have access to which towers have Band 41 active? I didn't see it in the regular sponsors map section.
  6. So a bit of update to my situation with one of my MBs. I wrote about how it had the 20% issue and then it got stuck in a boot loop crashing out. I emailed last night to send it back and gave some information. They wrote back this morning and asked if it was showing a SIM error message. It was not, it was an initialization message but since I hadn't plugged it in since the boot loop crashing where I let the battery die, I did so just to see if it popped up a new error. It powered on and took what felt like forever with flashing e-ink screen and then brought up the familiar signal check screen. And it passed. Color me surprised. So any of you that had that issue and just happen to have the box around still, check it out. They may have misconfigured something on your account or whatever but give it another chance. Especially those in the NC area.
  7. Yeah... no. They've already announced 18/36. Regardless, this Mac/PC and Droid/iOS piss contest BS needs to stop. Let's talk about Sprint and stop with these useless mine is bigger than yours and can do this or that. All the current top line phones are capable. Pick what you want without putting down the other. Anyone able to point out the new coverage for Macro sites. The images on Imgur are not clear to me being slightly colorblind. I can't tell if my area would have anything new or added.
  8. Haha I did that. I took it up on the roof. I took it to another town nearby that should have better signals based on maps and such. It either got stuck at 20% or came up on error messages and got stuck in a loop. It finally started a boot loop where it wouldn't even get past startup. Sprint logo, then a command line where it freezes.
  9. I'm going to ask for mine that did this to be returned. The other one worked as it should. So I think it's device specific,not necessarily market/tower specific in these cases.
  10. I had just about given up on the original box (I opened one of two received) after I had taken it a few places where I knew it should connect for sure. It finally got stuck in a boot loop. So letting its battery die and I'll send it back. Tonight, Spectrum took a dump again so I said what the hell. Let's try the other one. I opened it and with no expectations of success it popped up a test. The first window was a 4. haha The second one was 24, third one and likely best was 36. I said I'll take it. It set up on that one. Before: DL: 0.93 UL: 0.60 After: DL: 12.81 UL: 0.48 While not the best I think this isn't too bad in my zip code/rural area. 27316. The upload speeds in the area are bad even if you're line of sight to tower on a nearby hill, so I hope there's something going on soon to help that out. At least I can use this as a hotspot on occasion now and hopefully it will only get better from here.
  11. I think I'll do that rather than call them or send it back right now. They sent me two for two locations in the same general area. I'll give it a few months to see how it works out. Thanks for the info!
  12. Has a consensus been reached on what to do with the 20% and stuck boxes? Mine arrived today and so far stuck at 20% each time. Run the battery down and then try again? Send it back for replacement?
  13. Has anyone, especially in Randolph County, seen a dramatic reduction in available LTE in the past month? It had been improving for ages and seems to have gone backwards in the area now. I rarely get LTE in spots I got it before. (Have tested on several phones.)
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