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  1. Awesome! That's what I was hoping for. Thanks for the info.
  2. I'm headed back up north to Vancouver on Monday and will likely be there a few times this year. Planning to pick up a Wind mobile SIM card for the N5 while there since it's essentially all-you-can-eat talk/text/data for C$2/day. I bought my N5 from Google Play and am not worried about getting it running with Wind, however am concerned about bringing it back home to Sprint since there were challenges activating the N5 in the first place. Anyone done this - any issues or anything I need to know about? Or is it as simple as putting the Sprint MicroSIM back in? Thanks! -Devin
  3. Waiting for Robert to upgrade my account with premier sponsorship and then I'll do a little testing of my own soon. Edit: he did it while I typed!
  4. I'm not rooted on the N5 so that could be the difference. Although my GS3 was rooted and I never had any issues with tethering on it. Edit: I see you're talking about bypassing the official tethering. I believe discussion of that is verboten on S4GRU. I pay Sprint for tethering because I believe it's the right thing to do. There are probably other places on the internet that would help you though.
  5. Indeed. I have a white 32GB from the Play Store and it is working fine with LTE here in LA (AlcaLu territory) in areas with known good WiMax coverage (compared against my girlfriend's Ting HTC Detail and my once-upon-a-time NS4G). I have all bands enabled. No issues keeping LTE or handing off to eHRPD for me.
  6. I'm using the built-in Android tethering because I pay Sprint for tethering access. Working fine with WPA2.
  7. I noticed last night that using WiFi tethering uses significantly less battery than it did with my GS3. Sitting in the same spot with tethering running for 3 hours to my MacBook I went from 88% charge to 65%. Using the GS3 in the same scenario I would lose about 50-60% battery life. Not sure what component the difference can be attributed to (WiFi radio, LTE radio, etc) but it was a very pleasant surprise.
  8. Could be dictated by the SMSC number. The field has the number in quotes then followed by ,145 perhaps indicating a 145 character limit. Out of curiosity I tried to change it to ,200 and then it reverted to ,152. Haven't tried actually counting the characters yet though.
  9. Just wanted to follow up, sending SMS via Hangouts magically started working this morning. I guess it was Sprint-side. And just to echo everyone else; hot damn this thing is fantastic on LTE.
  10. Damn. I shall continue my quest. Thanks nonetheless!
  11. Mine shows: "+12819659999",145 Is that the same as yours?
  12. Trying to figure out my SMS sending problem. Could someone post their SMSC data for me? *#*#4636#*#* Phone information Scroll to SMSC: and click "Refresh" The number I have is not the same as the Sprint number from this page but using switching to that number doesn't seem to work either. Just wondering what other people have.
  13. Tried both of these with no luck. I'll try to fiddle with GV some more.
  14. Yeah I tried that but I'm thinking that it must be related to the Google Voice Sprintegration. What's a SCRTN and how do I do it?
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