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  1. Unfortunately that is the case. Wife still has hers and is somewhat happy with it. We are on Ting and unfortunately, with the FEC debacle, I moved to a GSM phone.
  2. Well, don't HTC phones have weaker antennas or that has been my experience with the EVO 4g LTE (model before the M7). What might help is a more modern phone that supports Sprint's 3 main LTE bands now. The M7 only supports one. I had a LG Volt that did well in the area. I do not know if the iphone currently (or will support) supports that.
  3. Haven't been able to map for quite awhile here on Sprint...
  4. Yeah, I didn't quite remember the lineage, but know that the local phone company (whatever they were called at the time) built towers that ended up as VZW towers. Kodak is definitely a poster child for epic failure. I always wonder what it would have been like if they actually had gotten into digital photography/printing/software earlier and gave it the investments it needed. There are a couple of guys that attend our LUGOR meetings that worked in the Digital Movie group and some of the stuff they were doing was cutting edge at the time but the higher ups never continued development
  5. IIRC, "Rochester Telephone" had set up cell towers way back when in the area. Eventually, I think these got sold to VZW, so they had a head start in the area.
  6. I too have been having some issues. Looks like I can map fine, but the maps themselves won't update.
  7. It is my possibly incorrect understanding that most/all of the towers that have LTE now are already upgraded. There are probably some towers in the outlying areas that need to be upgraded. I have noticed with my new phone that has a better LTE antenna that most of the city/main suburbs are mostly covered.
  8. I got a new phone, and have been seeing Band 41 pop up along the Lake Ontario State Parkway and 390
  9. This ^^^ I have WiFi at home and at work, so having consistent LTE is not a deal killer
  10. Yes, I can attest to it being spotty and I don't think all sites have been deployed/optimized yet. For example, I don't think the main tower I connect to at the Paddy Hill Fire Dept. (1766 Latta Rd.) has been fully updated. But, the one at Greece Police HQ has been updated, but it seems like the signal is pointed west, which I can understand - you can see the two towers depending where you are. But, it also depends on your device as well. My EVO 4g LTE is notorious for it's bad LTE antenna, so I can understand why it may be spotty for me personally.
  11. I think they have been playing games with the network the last 12 hours or more. I keep jumping between ehrpd and evdo.
  12. I think there is still one tower in Greece that needs to be updated. The one up on Paddy Hill, behind the fire station. It's the one I connect to most often when I am around my home. The large tower at the Greece Police HQ is already transmitting LTE.
  13. Good. I know they are playing with their systems based on the issues I've been having with 3G/4G connectivity. Sounds like full 3G/4G services were down but 1x is available, near both my house (greece) and my office (brighton).
  14. I called Ting and actually got someone that didn't say "just put it in CDMA mode." She had seen the same issues with the S3 not to long ago. They suspended and re-enabled the device then did the normal resets. Since we did that and nothing happened. Still no 3G/4G icons. She had the idea to go check on the status of the towers. Checked both home and work for me and said that the 3G/4G services were down in the area but 1x was available for at least the last 24 hours or more. Maybe that would explain why I was able to get LTE/CDMA mode working in Ithaca yesterday but as I got
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