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  1. Okay then Sprint's operating income is $310M for the 2015 fiscal year, NOT THE QUARTER when you were blatantly WRONG, and T-Mobile's was $2B for the year of 2015. I was wrong on T-Mobile's number but I didn't come out swinging based on the assumption that I was posting a quarterly result. You acted like you're superior and more educated, and you're still wrong on your assumption. And you know what they say about people who assume, so do us both a favor and stop talking.
  2. Have you ever heard of reporting financial statements at the end of the FISCAL year? Which ends in MARCH? The only one who has no idea WHAT they're talking about is you.
  3. Sprint's annual income statement posted in March 2016: http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/s/financials?query=income-statement
  4. I didn't say quarter, I didn't say anything. It was for the entire year, so don't assume I don't know how to google and read English.
  5. It's an exciting time for LTE if you're with T-Mobile, they never seem to miss a beat. VZ and AT&T are trying stuff, but they're too fixated on 5G right now to pump more out of what they currently have.
  6. Yet Sprint's operating income is $310M, while T-Mobile's is $3.8B. Those numbers, IIRC, wouldn't be affected by debt repayment or taxes, only net income would be.
  7. The iPhone was dual core until last year, and the iPhone 7 is quad core but only uses 2 cores at a time depending on whether you need high performance or battery efficiency. More cores does not always mean better performance, otherwise AMD would be everyone's go to. It's all about instructions per cycle efficiency, and that's something Apple & Snapdragon have really mastered.
  8. Hey, when you've been with Sprint for nearly 20 years and your bill is at $270, and everyone else has better service and the rates are better PLUS integrated tax or free phones, the grass looks much more greener. Sprint isn't terrible but they're not trying to keep us with them, it's like our loyalty means nothing to them meanwhile current customers on other networks get all sorts of bells and whistles. I'm not asking for free stuff on Tuesday or movie tickets for friends or whatever, but if you can cut my rate to $230 and maybe possibly throw in hotspot, that would be pretty nice.
  9. I desperately want to jump this ship. Can't get parents onboard though, they never had any other service provider than Sprint so they find the whole process complex
  10. I tried getting them to give me the $160 for 4 lines deal with waived subsidy fees, we're customers for 18 years. The bill is almost $270 and new people get away with much less. It's ridiculous, they couldn't work something out and they're fine with me switching.
  11. A few people in the subreddit say that they'll be offering Unlimited Freedom with HD + 10GB Hotspot for existing customers and they'll waive the subsidy fees. Some of the employees confirm it, so I guess we'll see tomorrow.
  12. Gonna call tomorrow and see if they're willing to waive the subsidy charges because if I switch to that plan my bill will go up $40, which is a joke. Legere was right, these fees and taxes are absolutely ridiculous
  13. Employer discounts still work on these new plans? My dad is a government employee, and if I get 15% then hot dog
  14. New Unlimited Freedom plan shows for me, but I still get pegged with subsidy charges. Painful
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