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  1. Small correction. iPhone 6 with MDM9625 is capable of aggregating two component carriers of unequal size, for example 10MHz + 5MHz. There are quite a few commercial AT&T units with the same chipset already aggregating 10+5 in selected markets.


    As you've already mentioned, what's not possible is aggregating more than 20MHz in total, and considering that Sprint's B41 in it's current deployment is a single 20MHz channel, adding a secondary TDD 20MHz channel wouldn't increase peak throughput for iPhone 6 users, as the phone isn't capable of aggregating two 20MHz carriers.


    If Sprint deploys a secondary 20MHz B41 carrier this year, subscribers will still benefit as the load would be balanced between two different capacity channels. Only the peak throughput wouldn't be doubled for iPhone 6 users.

    Mind blow if you think about having multiple B41 channels.  That in itself would be amazing.

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