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  1. The network hasn't changed for the better yet. In a market that is 97% complete, I have to say that I am not that all impressed. Still dropped calls and slow data speeds. Band 41 supposedly blankets my market though I am rarely connecting to it. Not to mention the fact that my phone jumps from LTE to 3G constantly killing my battery. My phone used to last all day not it only lasts 6 hours at most. I've stuck with Sprint for the past 15 years. Not sure I can stick with them much longer. Hopefully this Claure dude is action and not all talk like Sprint has always been.
  2. I am not too worried about it. My wifi has great range around my house. Also, I get a good enough 1x800 signal. I just figured that a densely populated area would have superb coverage with a solid tower layout (except by my house) that Sprint has in DFW. How does Sprint determine their voice/data coverage? Doesn't seem to be very accurate. I'm right in the middle of the light green (Fair service) area. http://i.imgur.com/0FTOnt0.jpg
  3. In my area (DFW) I am on the fringe of 5 towers. While I am in my house my phone, S4, goes nuts and is constantly trying to find a stable signal from LTE (Band 26 is all I get with at best -115 RSRP)) to 1x1900 to 1x800. It's very annoying and drains my battery. I use wifi at the house for data so I switch my radio to CDMA only. When I do that I have a stable 1x800 voice signal. I'm almost certain the towers around me have been optimized as they have been broadcasting 800/1900 voice/data for quite a while now. I don't believe the signal will get any better, but am hopeful.
  4. Question about Sprint's LTE spectrum. I live in the DFW area. Band 41 is all around me. Of course there are holes, but there is always band 25 and band 26 to fill those in. I know where most of the towers are around me and the places I travel. Band 41 is present in the path I travel to and from work. However, I rarely connect to band 41 anymore. I connect to band 26 more than anything. I find it hard to believe that band 41 is that full for it to skip to band 25 (which I know is very saturated) and on to band 26. With that said, I honestly use more 3g the past two months than LTE. What could be the reason as to why I cannot connect to LTE everywhere I go and when I do I connect to band 26? This does not make sense to me.
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