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  1. Nope, I just started my new billing cycle and before that I was only at 14 gigs.
  2. Well its been reported but the thing is that it seems like speeds all over in the Chicagoland area are dropping. I was just in La Grange and used to get 30-40 download now its 8-16. I know its very good but it seem like Sprint has just abandoned its upgrades. I know for a fact they are doing way less than they did 8-10 months ago, a personal friend is a wireless contractor (Crown Castle) that works on cell sites and said they havent had anything for Sprint in that timeframe.
  3. Any info on why Sprint service has been horrible for past 10 days near Kedzie and Harrison. At first thought it was my phone but three other co workers having trouble. LTE was always available in our building but now we're lucky to get 3G, it's unusually 1x or extended 3G.
  4. So just pay the ETF and these 2 iphones will be unlocked and ready for use with T-Mobile?? Seems way to easy but that would be awesome if true.
  5. Not installment, I on old plan and did two year upgrade a few months back.
  6. Sorry they are 6s and 6s Plus. So as long as I pay them off I can get out of my contract which has 18 months left?
  7. Is it possible to pay off both our phones that were purchased last year, have them domestic SIM unlocked, and move our phones over to T-Mobile??? I ask this because Sprint does not offer any add on data plan for smart watches and now T-Mobile offers a employee discount of 22%. Thanks
  8. Funny I have been noticing that my speeds have dropped off big time for the past few weeks than I come here and get some info. Thanks
  9. It is a non issue to me, since I pay 152 for ED 1500 with 3 lines. Nothing else compares to that with unlimited data, plus having to switch to AT&T /direct tv would be a nightmare. I get a nice discount from Sprint for my employer than I get a discount from Sprint for having automatic debt to pay my bill. Trust me I have crunched the numbers with other carriers and it's would pain me to leave my Sprint plan.
  10. This is just a non issue. Just purchase the phone full price (Apple.com) and keep the legacy plan. I will never give up my ED 1500 with unlimited for my three lines. I save a ton of money compared to the new pricing plus I use so much data I need this plan to last.
  11. Funny I check the Sprint app and it shows my mothers line is good for a 2 year upgrade as of now, it shows my wife's line is eligible for a 2 year upgrade from her iPhone 6s on 01 NOV 17 but my iPhone 6 Plus which will be out of contract this years only shows the lease and easy pay option.
  12. I placed my order through Apple for a 6+ 64 gig with a delivery time of 18-25 November. I hope for it sooner but 3-4 weeks seems like what the average wait it going to be.
  13. Wow Apple has really dropped the ball with ios8. This type of stuff is giving apple haters ammo and making some people like myself to question should I cancel my 5.5 and wait or go somewhere else.
  14. Im sitting at O'Hare airport here in Chicago with a trailer full of 6+, they being shipped to Memphis. Im escorting them down, Apple paying big money for these escorts.
  15. Don't want to upgrade my 5 since I would lose my jailbreak on it. I will have to have to wait a few weeks till I can order a 6+. Until than I hope to see many screen shots.
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