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  1. The Galaxy S10 Lite has passed through the FCC. https://fccid.io/A3LSMG770F Does it support all four national carriers? And does it include 5G?
  2. Beta 2 is much better so far than Beta 1. The first one caused charging and overheating issues on my Unlocked S10+.
  3. I personally would wait for the Galaxy S11 but if there's something wrong with your S9, then a S10 would be a good choice as well. I've had mine since launch day and it's been great.
  4. And it's back this morning. [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  5. Sprint giveth and Spring taketh away. Today VoLTE disappeared in the city of Orange. Hopefully it will come back soon.
  6. It's been live for a while in certain cities in Orange County such as Brea and Yorba Linda. I live in Orange and it went live just yesterday~! So happy~!
  7. You didn't imagine it. The Unlocked S10+ received 2 April updates. One in April and one in May.
  8. My co-worker's husband's Sprint Galaxy S10+ was affected by the data issue but he says the issue got fixed after applying the software update.
  9. My co-worker's husband is experiencing voice call drop-outs & LTE issues on his Sprint-branded S10+. So should I tell him disable Band 25 for now? He is getting really frustrated. Mine's the Unlocked S10+ with a Sprint SIM card inside and everything's been peachy so far. Anyone else with the Unlocked models that are doing okay?
  10. I'm loving it very much. The battery life has been slightly better than my S9+, the speakers sound a bit better, I love the extra cameras, and the FPS got MUCH better after the Biometric update. And now that I got notifications lights back through the "Holey Light" app, it's even better now.
  11. I have the Unlocked 975U1 model and I got an update today too which was a pleasant surprise. My update size is smaller though at 175.11 MB.
  12. Just got the Biometric update. Finally...! Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  13. I have an Unlocked S10+ 512GB and still no Biometric update. I did, however, received the March security update last night.
  14. Did anyone else recently have to get a replacement Magic Box Gold because of the defective firmware update?
  15. I got two cases from Samsung myself - a white silicone case and the red leather case. Both are slim and nice in their own respective ways. Compared to their older silicone cases, however, the cases have become thinner thus providing less drop protection. The leather case has become thinner and slippier than before, offering a bit less grip. But I still like them both.
  16. I'm not sure why you are even getting that message since you chose to purchase the Unlocked model and not the Sprint model. When I preordered mine (Unlocked 512GB Ceramic Model), Best Buy didn't ask me anything about my current or previous carrier. After I picked up the phone from Best Buy on launch day (3/8/2019), I just popped in the Sprint BYOP SIM card & called Sprint to swap devices (Unlocked GS9+ to Unlocked S10+). It was super simple. BTW, if you're planning on trading in your Note 5, then you must place the order INSIDE a Best Buy store.
  17. I got mine approved just this morning and my claim was submitted on Saturday, 3/9/2019. My preorder date was 2/22/2019. Samsung said to expect the Buds around the middle of April.
  18. Yes, it will work just fine on Sprint. In fact, that's the exact model I have - 512GB Ceramic White GS10+. I went to a Sprint store & bought their 4-in-1 BYOP SIM kit. There are 4 different SIM cards inside the package. I used this one: SIMOLW516TQ
  19. Same thing for my Unlocked Galaxy S9+ - no options to toggle on VoLTE. Friggin lame of Sprint. I have the VoLTE option, however, on my Unlocked Galaxy S10+.
  20. That's great to know! Thx! I went to a corporate Sprint store & was initially told that they didn't have any & to come back tomorrow. When I said "Are you sure? Don't you have any for unlocked iPhone XS customers?", then they said they have the BYOP kit but it won't work inside the new S10+. After double-checking the BYOP kit packaging against the chart, I bought it anyways. Sprint store employees are a pain to deal with most of the time. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  21. The SIM card you bought at Best Buy...Was it the same one from that chart? SIMOLW516TQ??
  22. Are you upgrading from Unlocked GS9+ to Unlocked GS10+?
  23. Thx for the heads-up~! Downloading now.
  24. When I traded in my Sprint-model Galaxy S7 Edge ($300) for the Unlocked Galaxy S9+ at Best Buy last year, Best Buy processed the trade-in first then applied the $300 trade-in credit immediately toward the purchase price of the Galaxy S9+. I assume it will be the same way. With Best Buy, though, you want to do the trade-in preorder in-store and NOT online. Otherwise, they can't/won't process your trade-in. That's because when you preorder the phone through Best Buy online and they send you the email telling you to pick up the phone, they charge your credit card in advance. When you arrive in the store, they send you to the Pick-Up counter and not the Mobile counter. And when I told them that I have a trade-in, the person at the Pick-Up counter wasn't able to process the trade-in. When this happened to me last year, it was a BIG headache. I had to get the store manager involved and he had to do the following to make it right: (1) Refund my credit card first for the Online Preorder. (2) Refund my Gift Card amounts into a Best Buy gift card. (3) Return the Gift Certificate amount back to me. But since the refund isn't instantaneous, I couldn't use the Gift Certificate again. (4) Start over from the beginning at the Mobile counter and process my trade-in GS7 Edge first, re-apply my other Gift Cards, then charge my credit card. After this shitstorm mess, I learned NOT to do a trade-in preorder online anymore at Best Buy. Their staff, except for the manager, was incompetent and lacked communication & understanding skills.
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